3 Questionable Acts by Your Favorite Superheroes

Through the years, a plethora of superheroes from a variety of creators and writers have inspired us to always do good. Whether it be normal crime-fighting on the streets or saving the entire universe from huge threats, superheroes usually do the right thing. Usually.


Just like real people, the life and decisions of a superhero are never just black and white. It’s hard to save the world when your morality has only two extremes: good or evil. Many times we read about how these heroes are tested over and over again to make the right choice when dealing with potential danger. But sometimes, these heroes do or say very questionable things. Sometimes, your favorite heroes play the villain, whether they know it or not. Here are three questionable acts from your favorite heroes.



1. Batman



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The caped crusader is well known for his long career of crime fighting and do-gooding. However, not all of his exploits are well-intentioned. While we could talk about how questionable it was for him to study literally all of his allies weaknesses and vulnerabilities in complete secret and then inadvertently cause immense chaos and havoc once said research was stolen, let’s focus on a specific ally the Dark Knight has wronged in the past.


Stephanie Brown was a teenage vigilante fighting crime in her spare time who would eventually meet and fall in love with Tim Drake’s Robin. However, Batman forbid the two to divulge their secret identities to each other, leading to the two having dates while crime fighting. Cute right? Well, be prepared, it gets pretty fucked-up real quick.



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The issue of Stephanie Brown’s death as Robin | Image via Wikipedia



When Tim’s identity is discovered by his father, Batman forces him to stop being Robin for a while. Instead of Tim, Batman chooses and somewhat forces Stephanie to become his new Robin; a move that many have said was made to drive the young Tim to become jealous of Stephanie and cause him to want to take up the mantle of Robin again.


Batman fired Stephanie after one little mistake. Literally, she messed up once and gets canned. But it doesn’t end there. After being fired, Stephanie ends up starting a Gang War in Gotham while trying to impress Batman. In the ensuing chaos, she is gravely injured by Black Mask, and instead of being properly treated, Doctor Leslie Thompkins lets her die to teach Batman a lesson in recruiting young kids to fight literal wars. Because, y’know… That’ll teach him.


It doesn’t even end there. It is then revealed that Stephanie faked her death with the help of the good Doctor, with Batman smugly claiming that he knew all along. That being said, he never tells Tim that his beloved is still alive. And, to add to the disappointment, Batman doesn’t even honor her “death” with a trophy case of her uniform; an act he would do to honor each Robin he taught. Wow Batman, you’re kind of a dick.



2. Spiderman




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Spiderman has had a very long run in Marvel’s extensive publication history. When he debuted, the hero appeared to be much different than the other superheroes of the time, as he was a young teen, instead of a hardened adult or rich billionaire. Peter Parker came from humble beginnings, but this doesn’t mean the young, charismatic, web-slinger is free from judgement.


Remember the Civil War Arc? The story-line that divided all of Marvel’s superheroes has remained a fan favorite for the epic battles and drama over which heroes would side with the government and which heroes would refuse to have their identities revealed. While Spiderman initially sided with Iron Man and the government, Peter Parker would later switch sides. However, this leads to just one of Spiderman’s questionable acts in which he helped track down other heroes and old friends, and imprisoned them.


After switching sides, Parker ran into a huge problem when his private identity was revealed. This led to the villain Kingpin to hire an assassin to shoot Peter’s Aunt May. While this hit most fans directly in the core of emotions we all call “the feels”, what happened afterwards confused many fans.




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While Aunt May is in the hospital in a critical state, Peter and his wife, Mary Jane, are approached by the Marvel Universe’s closest thing to the literal devil, Mephisto. Now, lets pause and catch up: Peter has always strove to do the right thing and many times MJ has been by his side when he must fight evil. Peter has fought demonic and supernatural forces before, so he should just punch the devil and call it a day, right? Wrong. VERY WRONG.


As the devil is before them, Mephisto makes a deal with the couple. If they were to give up their marriage and surrender their love to Mephisto, he would reverse Peter’s revealing his identity to the world, and let Aunt May live (even though she is old as fuck and would die naturally sooner or later), thus erasing the current timeline. Mary Jane and Peter Parker make a deal WITH THE FUCKING DEVIL! Like wow, you might as well have never done anything good at that point, since most of it gets undone. Oh, and to put the cherry on top of this clusterfuck of morality, Mephisto shows the couple their unborn child that would have been if they hadn’t had made a pact with Satan himself. Damn Spiderman, that’s some questionable shit right there.



3. Cyclops




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Marvel’s X-Men has had a huge roster of mutant characters, all fitted with their own complex emotions, goals, and struggles. However, possibly none are more complex than the beloved character, Cyclops. The hero has remained a staple of the group and many of its storylines, however he has often been portrayed as a man haunted by conflict and the MANY poor choices he has made.


Cyclops can first be seen as “questionable” when we look at his track record with women. His infidelity has been examined numerous times. Be it Jean Gray, Emma Frost, or even Psylocke, Cyclops just seems to not be capable of keeping it in his pants. However, his complications with many other mutant relationships lead to either redemption or utter deterioration of the character’s remaining morals.




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During the Avengers vs X-Men storyline, Cyclops encounters and later embodies the hazardous Phoenix Force, which has caused much chaos in previous arcs and issues. Throughout this specific arc, however, the Phoenix Force leads the hero to commit numerous atrocities against his beloved comrades and friends. At the end, his poor decisions and subliminal quest for power leads to the ultimate death of his mentor, and possibly his best friend.


We witness a corrupted and power-hungry villain emerge from the body of our long loved hero. Cyclops is completely changed at this point, and after an emotional and heated fight, we see him standing over the corpse of the one and only Professor Xavier. Of course, with the realization of what he has really done, Cyclops desperately tries to reason with the rest of the surviving X-Men that he wasn’t himself. But many of them, like many heart-broken fans, rebuffed the corrupted hero, citing all of the steps he could have taken to stop the events from happening. Way to go Cyclops. You killed our favorite mutant in a wheelchair. Certainly very questionable!




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