3 Brilliant Comic Book Characters You May Not Know

While we are lucky enough to live in a time where we can witness a relentless downpour of the amazing Marvel and DC graphic novels, the world of comics is far more vast than just those two beasts. The graphic novel universe is tremendously diverse, and it produces so many memorable characters that have had lasting effects on readers around the world. If you are only reading what you know, you’re really missing out. Here are some memorable (albeit strange!) comic book characters that you may not have heard of but will be glad that you did.


Mickey Rat

Image Via Last Gasp


An obvious parody of Mickey MouseMickey Rat was first created as a t-shirt design in 1971 by Robert Armstrong. However, the character’s immense popularity earned him an appearance in LA Comics in 1972, and Mickey Rat issues were published until 1982. The character is immoral, opportunistic, and repulsive, seemingly able to execute any act of vulgarity. His creators’ desire to make him the exact opposite of Mickey Mouse is explicit, and even 40 years later, his appeal has lasted, though he now appears mostly on t-shirts.


Sad Sack

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Sad Sack is a comic book character based in the United States Army. Created by Sergeant George Baker during World War II, “The Sad Sack” is a low ranking private who experiences the embarrassment of everyday military life. “The Sad Sack” was never given an actual name, it’s a term intended to describe the nonconformists who simply did not belong in the army. The character originally did not speak, but instead tried his best to stagger through one military situation after another. After the war, the character became less military oriented and more appealing to younger audiences.


Captain Haddock

Image via Norton Of Morton


The lovable, alcoholic sea captain and best friend to the world famous reporter Tintin deserves more recognition as a significant character in comic book history. Abandoned by his crew, he sought out every bottle of whisky to lessen the pain of betrayal. However, he regains his self-respect and dignity, becoming the president of the “Society of Sober Sailors” although his love for whisky never dies. His character also becomes increasingly heroic, often risking his life for his friends. He is also known for his short temper and unique vocabulary of swear words, which include bizarre terms such as “freshwater swabs,” “ectomorphs,” and “popinjays,” among many others. His blunt humanity and clear flaws act as a contrast to Tintin’s somewhat unrealistic heroism, and he is (or really should be!) considered one of the most memorable comic books characters of our time.



Featured Image Via Harvey Comics