3 Amazing Bookstagram Artists to Check Out!

When you think of Bookstagram the first thing that comes to mind is book nerds, aesthetically pleasing photos of tea and coffee, book stacks arranged in rainbow colors. What a lot of people don’t know is that through this community there are endless possibilities. Some people create bookish candle shops, tour companies for upcoming releases, and much more. But today were going to brush up on (no pun intended) one of my personal favorites…the art part of the Bookstagram community! Yes, book nerds paint and create art work too.


lady of stardust's painting of the slytherin common room

Image via Instagram

1. ladyofstardust

Ladyofstardust is a horror enthusiast and illustrator, who creates paintings and horror-inspired art. Her artwork reflects on the books she reads and the passion she drives. She works with a variety of supplies from paint to charcoal to ink. The paintings are minimalistic with a splash of color and then finished off with a gorgeous frame.


the wicked reader painting

Image via Instagram

2. thewickedreader

Thewickedreader is book blogger who loves to paint and draw fandom-inspired pieces. Her artwork is based on the fantasy books she reads. Although she doesn’t have a website to sell her artwork, she posts plenty of them on her stories and her room is full of them! She even painted a few castles on her bedroom walls.



mapiful's hogwarts map

Image via Pinterest

3. mapiful

Mapiful isn’t exactly an independent bookstagrammer who paints and sells their own artwork but humor me for a minute. They have some gorgeous looking maps that are created by you. Mapiful is a company that turns any state of location you choose and turn it into a simplistic yet beautiful map. What does that have to do with books you might ask? Well, Mapiful has started doing maps inspired by locations from fictional worlds! That’s right, so if you’re looking for a Harry Potter, Prythian, or Ketterdam inspired map, all you have to do is request it. They have a variety of colors you can set your map to and you can even pick out the text that will be on the map itself.