3 Absolutely Ridiculous Comic Book Characters You’ve Never Heard Of

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about three of my personal favorite comic book characters who I felt deserve more recognition. This got me intrigued, so I continued to research the world of obscure comic book characters from diverse universes. Not far into my research, I came across three characters I would have never believed actually existed. Their eccentricity had me deeply baffled, yet I was so riveted that I had to dig deeper. These are three absolutely ridiculous comic book characters you probably don’t know, but need to check out.





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Eye-Scream is a mutant gifted with an unusual ability: to turn into ice cream. He was often ridiculed by other mutants and humans for his laughable power. Eye Scream made a decision to destroy the X-men, as their powers made his look pointless and stupid. Unfortunately, the X-men, with help from Obnoxio the clown, completely froze him. He was never seen again.


Matter-Eater Lad


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A member of the Legion of Super Heroes in the 30th and 31st centuries from the DC universe, this guy can eat anything. His natural biology allows him to consume literally any form of matter. In fact, everyone from his home planet, Bismoll, has this ability. When the natives of Bismoll found that microbes had made all their food inedible, the population evolved their capability to eat all matter as a survival mechanism. Though this seems quite useless, it has made Matter Eater Lad an unstoppable force at times.





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Another DC universe character from the 30th century, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy has the ability to detach his own limbs, which he can then use as weapons. His background information is relatively unknown. In fact, Matter-Eater Lad claims he gained his powers through carelessness while holding the anti-gravity metal Element 152, but that’s it. From the planet Lallor, he is one of the most famous Legion of Super Heroes reject due to just how ridiculous his powers are.


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