25 Literary Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Whenever it comes to Harry Potter fandom, there is no bigger debate than the Hogwarts Houses. Here we’re doing that with many of the literary characters that we love.



1. Elphaba Thropp – Ravenclaw

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From Wicked: The Life And Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The West by Gregory Maguire


While many, if not all, of her classmates would peg her as a Slytherin, with the assumption that those in Slytherin are “evil”, Elphaba would certainly fit in with House Ravenclaw. Focusing more on novel than the Broadway musical adaptation, Elphaba was something of a social justice warrior before donning the title “Wicked Witch of the West”.

As a child she took great notice and curiosity of her surroundings, as Ravenclaw’s tend to do, and took special notice to the many injustices in the land of Oz, beginning with a cruelty to animals. Similar to the musical, Elphaba has a distant relationship with people. There is no real instance of Elphaba trying to be outgoing in her social life as most of her life is dedicated or tied up in societal issues.

Due to all the pressure from her battle against society at large, Elphaba becomes very cynical and realistic. This all makes her even more of a Ravenclaw as they pour most of their time into intellectual pursuits rather than their social life. On top of all these reasons for Elphaba to be sorted into Ravenclaw, the biggest connection the two have is Elphaba’s oddness. Think about it. Luna Lovegood and Professor Filius Flitwick were both characters initially scorned for their oddities, but after some time celebrated for it.

Though it will take Gregory Macguire’s version of Elphaba to be celebrated, she will make it there eventually as a Ravenclaw.


2. Glinda – SlytherinImage result for glinda wicked illustration

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From Wicked: The Life And Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The West by Gregory Maguire


To surprise all of her adoring fans, the “good witch” would be a perfect fit for House Slytherin, but of course she cannot be considered any sort of villain.

During her time in school with Elphaba, Glinda is immature, catty, but also incredibly cunning.

According to the education site Shmoop, “She did fabricate an entire medical condition for her Ama Clutch and then boldly sold the lie to Madame Morrible in order to keep out of the dreaded ‘Pink Dormitory,’ since living there is apparently social suicide”.

This reveals Glinda’s tendency to disregard the rules and towards self-preservation, both main traits of Slytherin House. Though as she grows up she matures, her shrewd personality does not completely go away.


3. Jay Gatsby – Hufflepuff

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From The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


In spite of the illegal ways Gatsby rises to fame and riches, he is still very hardworking and earnest with people overall. You don’t have to be honest with the law to be an earnest person after all!

More than that, there is something to say about his loyalty to his one true love Daisy Buchannan, whom he is putting all his hard effort for in the hopes she will love him back.

Now you can argue that his egocentric nature hurts his chances with House Hufflepuff, but that attitude of overconfidence is all just a front. Who he is on the inside is much different than what you will see at any of his crazy parties, something that the sorting hat would be able to see right through.


4. Piscine Molitor Patel (Pi) – Slytherin

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From Life of Pi by Yann Martel


The sole-survivor of a terrible shipwreck, Piscine, commonly known as Pi, was left in the worst possible situation: alone on a raft with few food rations and a very hungry tiger.

Most would not know what to do and perish as a result—either from the tiger, dehydration, drowning, the possibilities are endless.

For Pi however, his knowledge and dexterity helped him to survive against all the odds. Prior to the horrific shipwreck, Pi’s family owned a zoo in India. It it thanks to his knowledge of predators that he gradually takes control over the tiger. As for the rest of his survival skills it all comes down to natural instinct and his tenacious will to live.

While you could argue for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, as he is so hardworking and dedicated in his fight for survival as well as full of a vast amount of knowledge, knowledge and hard work can really only take you so far in such dire circumstances, especially against a wild predator. Considering that Pi is cunning, goal-oriented, and every move he makes is for his self-preservation, he is without a doubt a Slytherin.


5. Katniss Everdeen – Gryffindor

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From The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins


Katniss Everdeen is a rather complex character, so the sorting hat would have a rather difficult time deciding where to place her. On one hand, the main personality traits that give her the most trouble in the celebrity-loving society of Panem Capitol is her cold-hearted demeanor and her calculated mentality. Katniss does not coo over babies or cute animals. Heck, she tries to drown the family cat as a way to save if from starvation, dubbing it as simply “another mouth to feed” (1.4). More than that she makes the choice throughout the games to fabricate a romantic relationship with the character Peeta as a way to boost her sponsors. That cunning is the trait of Slytherin for sure, however, that is the way this society runs, fabrications and manipulation.

Now onto what makes her a true Gryffindor with a heart of gold.

Two key traits in a Gryffindor are bravery and chivalry, and while Katniss does lack a bit of chivalry in the quest of her survival, at the end of the day she does follow a moral compass, fueled by her maternal instincts. The whole reason she offers herself as tribute in the first place is to save her beloved sister from taking part of this deadly competition. More than that, even as cold as she is she is protective of a younger girl names Rue, who reminds her of her sister, and although one of the main rules of the Hunger Games is there can only be one winner, she finds a way for both her and Peeta to become the victors. This disregard for the rules, and for her own selfish desire to survive, in the arena screams Gryffindor.

Granted, Katniss is not always the girl scout hero we always love, but she is still a brave hero in the end. Definitely deserving to be a part of House Gryffindor. Not all Gryffindors are saints after all.


6. Atticus Finch – Hufflepuff

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From To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee


The just and genuine lawyer of the south, Atticus Finch is incredibly bold for taking on the case representing Tom Robinson, an African American, in the time when most Southern states cared nothing for African American rights.

Now this would have made him a Gryffindor if his personality was more bold and daring. It’s a given that in the courtroom you are respectful and abide by the rules, but when would that ever stop a true Gryffindor?

Atticus, on the other hand, not only follows the rules, no cutting corners whatsoever, he gives everyone their fair chance. Even outside the courts, as a father, Atticus is fair and honest with his kids. This has created a strong foundation of trust and respect within all his relationships, though it sometimes can appear a bit passive, at least when it comes to his children. No one is perfect, but as far as lawyers and fathers go, Atticus Finch is hard-working and honest to a T even when everyone is telling him he doesn’t have to be.

That sounds like the traits of a true and calm Hufflepuff, with a bit of Gryffindor mixed in.


7. Mary Poppins – Ravenclaw

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The original Mary Shepard illustration | Image via Pinterest

From Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers


Focusing more on the original P. L. Travers Mary Poppins and not the Disney adaptation, Mary Poppins is hard-working, stern, smart, and proper.

As a nanny, she is dedicated to disciplining her children into responsible young adults. This is her main focus, friendship is more pushed to the background – no singing and dancing here. This Mary Poppins is all about business, so long as it benefits the family she is helping.

There is a little of Gryffindor in her, as she is incredibly chivalrous, and Hufflepuff could certainly be a perfect spot for her with how honest and loyal she can be, House Ravenclaw is more suitable for her. There are more Ravenclaw qualities than either of the other two Houses.


8. Othello – Gryffindor

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Othello with his beloved Desdemona | Image via Wikipedia

From Othello by William Shakespeare


From a slave in North Africa to military commander in Italy, Othello has had a rough go throughout life. Even after surviving slavery and working up the ranks in a solely white military, the Venetian people continue to throw racial slurs and assumptions on all of Othello’s successes.

In spite of many assumptions of “manipulation via enchantment”, Othello is genuine in his hard work and bold heroics. However, Othello is not the perfect hero he portrays himself as, especially when it comes to his relationships. The commander’s downfall is his trouble with jealousy and knowing who he should and shouldn’t trust. This reveals a lack of loyalty, as well as capability to think critically for himself.

In the end, his rash and hot-tempered tendencies lead him to his end. A hot-blooded Gryffindor for sure, lead astray by manipulation and emotion.


9. Offred, The Narrator – Slytherin

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From The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood


For a character that has had everything stripped away from her, including her name, which is not in fact Offred, this character would be an incredibly difficult one for the sorted hat to come upon. It’s much easier of a job to look at what she isn’t rather than what she is.

For House Hufflepuff, she is lacking a sense of loyalty. Before being dragged into the Gilead, Offred, as she is called, was married, but had cheated on her husband, leading to her oppressed state. Although she painfully regrets cheating, there is no concrete friend or ally that she is particularly loyal to. For both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, she is not all hard-working, nor is there any evidence that she was particularly such. Offred does just the bare minimum of what is expected of her, wishing to rebel, hoping for a change, but not taking any initiative, which leads us to Gryffindor.

Given that this is a very restrictive and oppressive society against women, it would be a great challenge to escape, but not impossible. Other women have found freedom and Offred has had opportunities of her own, but, unlike a Gryffindor, she is not bold or brave enough to take a chance. There is also a question of her moral compass in this regard. While she rejects the chance to escape, she jumps on the chance to continue her sexual affair to gain something in her favor. Although there is no inclination that she is goal-oriented or looking to boost herself up, she is, by comparison, more suited for House Slytherin.


10. Sherlock Holmes – Ravenclaw

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From the Sherlock Holmes Series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


The genius detective who is king of deduction would most definitely be sorted into House Ravenclaw. Why you may ask? Elementary, my dear Watson, or whatever your name is!

All brain and no social life, Sherlock follows the intellectual pursuits of solving the toughest crime mysteries, and has a hell of a time doing so. All in all, he’s a sociopathic weirdo, but a lovable one. The blue scarf seals the deal.

Sherlock Holmes is suitably fit for Ravenclaw.


11. Dr. John H. Watson – gryffindor

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From the Sherlock Holmes Series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Once a surgeon in the British army, Dr. Watson is brave, dependable, and incredibly knowledgeable.

After a wound sends him back home to live a mundane life off a regular civilian, his life is turned upside down by the bizarre, but genius detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Becoming flat mates and crime solving partners, Watson not only gains bold and exciting adventures, but also a best friend. No matter how dangerous the risk, or how dangerously eccentric Holmes may be, Watson is always by his side. For sure, he is the friend every homicidal crime solving detective needs.

With a little mix of a friendly and loyal Hufflepuff, Watson is a pure heartedly courageous Gryffindor.


12. Elizabeth Bennet – Ravenclaw

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From Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


The bold and beautiful Jane Bennet is a woman far beyond her time. While all the women around her, including her sisters, are fawning over men, Jane is focusing more on supporting her family any way she can.

She is not easily swayed for the most part, and she has a wit and strong opinions that just as charming as it is pleasantly surprising to everyone around her.

Though her looks are what first strike the heart of the very callous and collected Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, it is her striking wits that enchants him into falling for her. With her brains and competitive drive for debate and deep conversation, Jane bennet would make a very charming student of House Ravenclaw.


13. Matilda Wormwood – Gryffindor

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From Matilda by Roald Dahl


With a love of books and learning alone, Matilda would be the perfect fit for Ravenclaw, but what really drives her is her quest for justice and just making things right.

Not too long after Matilda achieves her dream of attending school is she introduced to the tyrant-principal, Ms. Trunchbull, ruining the happy lives of Matilda and her fellow classmates. Rather than hiding her head in her books, Matilda takes a stand utilizing her newfound telekinetic powers to take down “the Trunchbull”.

Putting together the biggest pranks—yes, I said pranks, she is only 5 after all—Matilda is guided by her honorable moral code and her incredibly mature insights. This little girl is also strong in confidence as well. With a family that doesn’t support her intellect, and often tries to “remind” her that she less than, it’s incredible how bold and sure she is with just about every move she makes.

In the end, Matilda would be a heroic, and incredibly brilliant, witch of House Gryffindor. She’s the OG Hermione Granger!


14. Daenerys Targaryen – Slytherin

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From A Song Of Ice And Fire, by George R. R. Martin


One of the few survivors of her family, House Targaryen, Daenerys was always been pushed to the background or used as a bargaining chip in someone else’s master plan. A tough way to start out in life, but for a 14 year old she learned as quick as she could.

Turning a bad situation into a better one, she goes from child bride to Queen, asserting herself in just the right way to move the right people into her corner. Although her decisions do not always work out for the better, especially in the beginning of her journey, that never deters her from rising back up like a phoenix, or I should say, like a dragon!

Every loss she endures gives her more drive to achieve her master plan, to become Queen of all 7 Kingdoms in Westeros. With her wit and sly way of working around her obstacles, she rising up to make the world a better place…and a few loyal dragons will definitely help as well!

A bold and cunning Slytherin, with honorable intentions.


15. Tyrion Lannister – Ravenclaw

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From A Song Of Ice And Fire, by George R. R. Martin


Frequently ridiculed as “the imp”, Tyrion Lannister is brutally aware of mankind’s cruelty. Aside from his older brother, his family detests him. What people fail to see is a highly intelligent and sensible man, and underneath all the witty and poorly tasting jokes he makes is a heart of gold.

The key part of Tyrion’s personality is his knowledge and wit. To make up for his unfortunate circumstances and lack of physical strength, he uses these two traits to make it by. Delving into a great deal of books and facts, there is no problem Tyrion cannot solve, however if pushed he will be as bold with a sword as he is with his tongue.

Despite his vast intelligence, he never uses it to gain an edge or try to shake things up. No. Tyrion is only hoping to survive the game of thrones, not to play it. Who knows the incredible achievements he could attain as a wizard in House Ravenclaw.


16. Lucy Pevensie – Hufflepuff

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From The Chronicles Of Narnia Series by C. S. Lewis


The most kind-hearted and faithful of the four, Lucy is at the heart of the four Pevensie siblings. Even as she grows up, Lucy is always warm and welcoming to new people and never harbors any ill feelings towards anyone.

Bold in her faith, Lucy will always stand by the side of Aslan, the Great Lion of Narnia. As Aslan represents all that is good, Lucy will fight for what is good.

A lovable Hufflepuff, and a loyal friend.


17. Peter Pevensie – Gryffindor

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From The Chronicles Of Narnia Series by C. S. Lewis


As the eldest of the Pevensie siblings, Peter is used to taking charge. Even outside the family home, Peter is still a courageous fighter and leader, though he doesn’t always think his plans thoroughly—typical of a Gryffindor.

As a brave knight, Peter is righteous and strong. Never backing down from a battle, always choosing to save others and potentially sacrifice himself. Surely, he would be a great asset to House Gryffindor’s Quidditch team.


18. Susan Pevensie – Ravenclaw

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Image via Susan Pevensie

From The Chronicles Of Narnia Series by C. S. Lewis


Skeptical and smart, Susan keeps her siblings grounded and safe, although boring as that may sound. It seems that no matter how many magical adventures she takes, reasoning and logic still rule in her mind.

As uptight as she may appear to be, she is just as friendly and caring as any of her siblings. In fact, she becomes known in Narnia as “Susan the Gentle”.

A strong mind with a gentle heart, the knowledge Susan would gain in House Ravenclaw would certainly aid her in her siblings next adventures.


19. Edmund Pevensie – Slytherin

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From The Chronicles Of Narnia Series by C. S. Lewis


As a young boy, Edmund Pevensie is easily manipulated into betraying his siblings for his own gain. While he immediately regrets the decision and remains loyal to them for the rest of the series, he tends to stray away from them to work alone. Even if it is for their benefit, it is still shady.

Despite this, all in all, Edmund is very caring in his own way. The boy slowly grows into a man that learns of loyalty, and protecting that loyalty in whatever way works for him, rather than the group.

As a rather complex character, Edmund makes for a rather lovable Slytherin, with loyalty to last through all the darkened times.


FUN FACT: There are also fans that theorize that the four Pevensies may, in fact, be the founders of Hogwarts with how closely related the traits of the four houses align with the four siblings’ personality traits.


20. Lady MacBeth – Slytherin


Lady MacBeth with Macbeth | Image via Drawing Skill

From Macbeth by William Shakespeare


They say behind every great man is a great woman. In the case of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, we have a very powerful woman—Lady Macbeth.

A woman ahead of her time, Lady Macbeth this the one running the show, with the hero, Macbeth, playing lead. As devious as she can be, Lady Macbeth does love her husband and simply wants to see him rise in power. Whispering words of murder and betrayal, Lady Macbeth using her cunning all for the sake of her beloved husband.

Some Slytherins are known for their deep unrequited love for another, although Macbeth and her are already married and therefore their mutual love is already shared, this does change in the end sadly for our leading Lady.

For certain Lady Macbeth would be known throughout the halls of Hogwarts as a passionate and headstrong Slytherin.


21. Hamlet – Slytherin

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From Hamlet by William Shakespeare


One of the greatest tragedy in literature, the story of Hamlet is dark, psychological, and dramatic!

Mourning the loss of his father, deciding between taking revenge on his Uncle or even choosing to continue to live, Hamlet is, in all honesty, a dramatic, emotional teenager. Then again, who wouldn’t be psychologically twisted after a visit from their Father’s ghost demanding that you murder your Uncle who is now marrying and canoodling with your Mom. Yeah, that’s pretty rough.

Most of the play, Hamlet is consumed by indecisiveness, but when he eventually to make his moves, he is secretive and sneaky. Slytherins do tend to hesitate before making any decisions in an effort to save themselves. Scholars have thought up many different theories and analysis of Hamlet’s character. Ranging from Christian bias against poltergeists and revenge, to a conflicting Oedipus and identity complex, most of Hamlet’s reasons for hesitating to make any moves for so long all fall back to saving himself in some way. (Read this article to learn the full scholarly breakdown.)

Always thinking of his next ploy, Hamlet would make for the perfect Slytherin. Hogwarts would most likely need a counselor to keep an eye on him, and keep him away from any skulls – “alas, poor Yorick”.


22. Scarlett O’Hara – Slytherin

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From Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell


Narrow-minded and business savvy, Scarlett frankly could not give a damn about anything that doesn’t have to do with herself. The woman blatantly admits that she “could never long endure any conversation of which she was not the chief subject” (1.18).

In spite of how often she is called out for her ignorance and lack of intelligence, she is a genius in the matters of money and business, and whatever topic that she does choose to have interest in. Overall, Scarlett is all about her own agenda and cares little about anything else around her.

As a witch of Hogwarts, she would further the negative reputation that Slytherin already has, and, of course, she wouldn’t care in the slightest.


23. Celie – Hufflepuff

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From The Color Purple by Alice Walker


Sweet and caring Celie has always had it rough since she was young.

Raped by her father, torn from her beloved sister, then married to a man that sees her more as a servant than a wife, it’s incredible she doesn’t lose her loving nature. In fact, as time passes on, she grows to love more and more people.

Celie does more than loving though, she also has a little fight in her for the sake of those she loves. Sacrificing herself to protect her sister from their disgusting father, silently rebelling against her husband – by spitting in his water – after he criticizes her close friend and love Shug Avery, Celie makes bold moves for the sake of those she loves.

Always welcoming and never one to judge, Celie would make for a loving and warm Hufflepuff, with a little mix of Gryffindor courage in her as well.


24. Shug Avery – Gryffindor

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From The Color Purple by Alice Walker


Complex, daring, and adventurous, Shug is never in one place, traveling from town to town, from lover to lover, enjoying the thrill of a career in jazz music. At first she appears as an immoral woman, suffering from some sort of “nasty woman disease”, as the book puts it. What Celie and the audience learns over time is Shug is nothing of the sort, she is just an independent woman who enjoys her own freedom, sometimes a little too much.

Although Celie falls in love with Shug, Shug does wind up leaving her. However, she is never gone for too long. When she returns, she’s there to protect the people she loves, until she is ready to leave again.

Shug even made the choice to stay with Celie sometime as soon as she learned of her husbands constant abuse when they are alone. Though she may not be the most loyal, she is not without her chivalry, choosing to do the right thing when it really matters. At the end of the day, Shug always comes back.

Like any Gryffindor, she can be a little on the reckless side, but she is not with out her heroics as a loving and caring friend to those she loves.


25. The Cat In The Hat – No House, Dementor

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From Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat


Making up his own rules, and sometimes even what appears to be alternate dimensions, The Cat In The Hat is the master of his own domain and therefore could never fit in any house. Wherever he moves he creates chaos for the children around him, but, in a sense, this makes the children stronger in some twisted fashion. Sounds like a Dementor to me!


The Best Thing Eva

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