25 Hilarious Tweets About The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

The new Hunger Games movie, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, was just released and people have taken to Twitter in a craze. Read some of the best Tweets here!

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The new Hunger Games adaptation, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, has taken the world by storm. Dystopian literature lovers from 2014 are slowly creeping out of their shells to once again be met with another showstopping film.

I had the pleasure and honor to go to the movie’s press release last month with some other Bookstr members. It was such an amazing experience to be invited and have a chance to see the movie before anybody else.

With that being said, I have had to keep my mouth shut, and I have been bursting at the seems feeling the same way (….about young Snow) that some of these Tweets expressed.

Without further ado, take a look at these Tweets that you are bound to relate to.



Who would you pick? Lucy or Katniss?


I am pitching this to my friend group! As long as there is an actual cornucopia of food in the middle and not weapons…


I am surprised I didn’t write this tweet myself because this is what I have been thinking since I saw the film.


Just give me 15 minutes and I will have him begging Panem for his forgiveness.


Once again, why would they do that to us when we know in our souls we should hate him?


Don’t worry, I think many of us need help…


EXACTLY! Why was a drooling over a murderous man?


I should have prepared this way because I fell way too deeply for him…


I am ashamed, but I know that I am not alone.


She deserved all the help she got from him! If all he’s good for is his money and status, USE.HIM.


This tweet aligns so well with my life recently.


Never! No matter how good he looks…


I plan on watching it over and over again. I also want to watch all the movies in order so I can see the history unfold and all the foreshadowing!


This made me laugh so hard.


If you could hear through your screen, you would hear me clapping for this tweet.


Looks like we book lovers have a new MMC obsession! I am right there with you.


I feel for everyone going through this right now because I went through this period about a month ago and I am on the other side… still obsessed with Snow though. Those feelings don’t lessen.


Finding all of the parallels was hands down the best part, especially if you were a diehard fan of the series in 2014. We have been desperately waiting to learn Snow’s past.


The soundtrack is insane! Give it a listen if you haven’t.


I am so glad I came across this tweet because this was one of the biggest take aways I had from the film. I am still shook when I think about Snow’s villain arc.


This tweet is a bit too niche for me… I was agast when I found it, I thought I was being called out by the public.


I love love love this scene! It is funny, but also so foreboding.


I love this delusion because it is true. Snow being hot changes so much.


When I caught myself drooling over him and remembered who he grew up to be it was literally a jump scare.


The reality of the book world is it is impossible to hate a hot man even if he’s done terrible things.

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