haley with first edition harry potters

21-Year-Old Harry Potter Fan Buys 3 First Editions for £3, Becomes Rich

Twenty-one-year old Hayley Malsom bought three Harry Potter volumes for £9.00 at a British Heart Foundation charity shop, not realizing that they were first editions. However these copies of The Goblet of Fire, The Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince are worth an estimated £60,000 (approx. $85,000).


Malsom tweeted her delight shortly after making the discovery:



‘As far as I’m aware the staff in the charity shop are unaware that they are first editions as I obviously didn’t realise until later that day!’ she told Gloucestershire Live.


‘I haven’t had mine valued but after a quick Google I did see that one went for around £60,000. I am a massive Harry Potter fan and have been since I first read the order of the phoenix in 2007 as part of a summer project before starting senior school.’


Recently, one of the first run of 500 editions of The Sorcerers Stone, which was published in 1997, was sold in Texas for more that 5,000 times its original price tag, setting a new world record for an unsigned work of fiction. 


Featured Image Via Metro.co.uk