2019 was the Year of the Library

Just when we thought the Library was the last place people wanted to be, because technology reigns supreme over our lives, it comes back with a vengeance. Last year, studies show that more Americans went to the library than to the movies. That’s quite an amazing, yet the shocking turn of events. Based on a Gallup poll, the Library is the place people wanted to be last year.



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Based on the chart above, you can see more than half of Americans opted to visit the library than go to the movies. At the bottom of the list is going to the zoo, and holding up the middle is going to sports events, visiting museums, and even gambling at the casino only has an average of 2.5 Americans. Even trips to an amusement park are at the bottom of the poll.  However, based on another poll from Gallup, women visited the library twice as more frequently than men, which isn’t that surprising. Also, they are visited more by people in low-income households than by people in high-income households. Young adults also tend to visit the library more as well.



The 18-29 age group visits the library more frequently than the older age groups, such as 30-49 and 65 and older groups. The young age groups also make frequent visits to the casino, as well as men, make more trips there as well.



Amongst the income levels, even the highest class still visits the library more than doing other activities. Even though as the incomes decline, you see the numbers go up in library visits. However, high-income households are more inclined to do activities based on the fact that they can afford it more than the other classes, but still going to the library is number one across the board.

Go libraries!


Featured Image via Forbes


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