20 Soulful Quotes from Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was a renowned singer, remembered for her deep and expressive voice. Her vocal range enchanted many fans and continues to channel the star’s blues even after her tragic death. Amy has inspired many fans and others to pursue their dreams and to channel all their problems and stresses into their own creative work. So, in honor of her birthday, here are twenty soulful quotes from the woman that loved to live to the fullest.



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1. Every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen.


2. Life’s short. Anything could happen, and it usually does, so there is no point in sitting around thinking about all the ifs, ands and buts.


3. There’s no point in saying anything but the truth.


4. I was hit by a car once on my bike, but I still rode home.


5. If I died tomorrow, I would be a happy girl.


6. I write songs about stuff that I can’t really get past personally – and then I write a song about it and I feel better.


7. Yes, I’m still going to misbehave!


8. I don’t listen to a lot of new stuff. I just like the old stuff. It’s all quite dramatic and atmospheric. You’d have an entire story in song. I never listen to, like, white music – I couldn’t sing you a Zeppelin or Floyd song.


9. Girls talk to each other like men talk to each other. But girls have an eye for detail.


10. I’m not frightened of appearing vulnerable.


11. When you’re around kids you can be a little kid yourself and pretend that life is magic and you don’t have to be one of those sweaty people going to work every day.


12. To be honest, I think kids have got a lot more going on than adults. They’ve got their heads screwed on a lot better.


13. I really started writing music to challenge myself, to see what I could write.


14. I’m of the school of thought where, if you can’t sort something out for yourself, no one can help you. 



15. If I heard someone else singing like me, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


16. I would say that jazz is my own language.


17. I’m happiest with my family around me.


18. I know I’m talented, but I wasn’t put here to sing… I love what I do, but it’s not where it begins and ends.


19. You know how you either grow up in a Michael Jackson house or a Prince house? For me it was Michael Jackson. I could never decide whether I wanted to be Michael Jackson or marry him.


20. I don’t think your ability to fight has anything to do with how big you are. It’s to do with how much anger is in you.





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