17th Century Notebook Could Change How We Read Shakespeare

For those who don’t know, Antiques Roadshow is a show about people who bring their heirlooms and antiques to experts to find out how much they’re worth. Sometimes people find out they’ve had a treasure sitting on their shelf for all these years, like a recent guest who brought in something that may change the way we read Shakespeare! 

When a man presented a small notebook from the 17th century to specialist Matthew Haley, Haley’s hands began to tremble. In the notebook were pages of notes and edits on Shakespeare’s plays from the time they were performed! This kind of analysis originally was sourced back to the 18th century at the earliest, but this notebook is extraordinary as it was written while Shakespeare was alive.

The notebook, which is currently being transcribed, may contain information on whether or not Shakespeare wrote his plays by himself, answering the centuries-long debate. It has been valued at over £30,000 at auction.

You can watch Haley and the notebook owner’s reactions below!    


Featured image courtesy of Time