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15 Writing Prompts That Are the Golden Ticket to Your Writing Career

I’m a daydreamer. I’ll see something interesting, hear something interesting and end up spending the next twenty minutes to several hours creating a world based on what-if and what-could-be’s. That’s one of the reasons why I love writing prompts so much: someone else did the hard work, created an interesting moment to expand upon. Reddit’s r/WritingPrompts subreddit is one of my favorites, and I’m sure it’ll be one of your favorites in no time too.


I’ve put together a list of fifteen of my favorite writing prompts from the subreddit, just to tickle your fancy. Click through and read the best responses, maybe come up with one of your own, who knows.


1. The year is 1910. Adolf Hitler, a struggling artist, has fought off dozens of assasination attemps by well meaning time travelers, but this one is different. This traveller doesn’t want to kill Hitler, he wants to teach him to paint. He pulls off his hood to reveal the frizzy afro of Bob Ross.


This is the overall top post on r/WritingPrompts, and there are a few things this has going for it: 

  1. Most everybody hates Hitler.
  2. Most everybody loves Bob Ross.


2. The human lifespan is actually only one day long. To adapt, when we go to sleep each night, our mind sends us one dream deeper, where we wake up alive. When we finally die, the experience of our life flashing before our eyes is really just us waking up in each dreams, one at a time.


Like Inception, except it’s your life and Leo DiCaprio isn’t there because your budget is, well, your budget.


3. You never kill the spiders in your home, you just whisper “today you, tomorrow me” when you set them outside. Now, in your most dire moment, an army of spiders arrives to have your back.


I’m imagining a cross between Lord of the Rings‘ Dead Men of Dunharrow and Harry Potter’s giant spider Aragog. Or Lord of the Rings‘ giant spider Shelob. Or Wild Wild West‘s giant mechanical spider, because why not?


Giant Spider from Wild Wild West

Image Via Mr. Movie


4. All of the “#1 Dad” mugs in the world change to show the actual ranking of Dads suddenly.


And does your dad’s ranking go down every time you ask him for a $20 and he says “ask your mother”?


5. Your daughter has been begging you for a pony, and you told her to write a letter to Santa. On Christmas morning, you find a fire-breathing horse in your front yard, and a package by your front door. Looks like she wrote a letter to Satan, and he delivered.



Image via Pokemon


6. Jesus actually had 14 disciples but their behavior was deemed inappropriate by biblical scholars, so they were removed from the final versions of the Gospels. They are Brad and Chad, the Bro-ciples, and these are their stories.


I’m going to skip past Bro-ciples, which is poetry in itself, and draw your eye to “these are their stories”, which if you didn’t know, is its own exquisite meme.


These are their stories

Image via Tumblr


7. The year is 2040, and you are the last smoker alive. The “Quit Smoking” ads get personal.


“Hilary, you’re twenty-five years old and you sound like an eighty year old trucker woman. Is that really the aesthetic you’re going for?”


8. Harry, Ron and Hermione aren’t actually wizards or in the wizarding world. They are high on drugs and hallucinating throughout their journeys. The cops are Dementors and Dumbledore is a crazy old homeless man.


Hard to believe that Mrs. Weasley would be down for this sort of shenanigan, but that’s neither here nor there.


9. On your 21st birthday, your biggest accomplishment becomes your official title – no matter how trivial. You wait anxiously in line for your village elder, Glenda, Devourer of 53 Chicken Nuggets In A Single Sitting, to assign you your new title.


Hilary, Regular Destroyer of Entire Chocolate Cream Pies


Goode Company Chocolate Cream Pie

Image via The Goode Texan Life and my own Snapchat


10. You have been abducted by aliens. For some reason, Jack Black is on board, not as a prisoner though. He’s just… there. Wandering around the ship, eating a packet of chips and making sassy comments about your various escape attempts.


I’m not gunna lie, this is my favorite of all of them.


Gif via Giphy


11. You wake up by a dusty road with 1,000 Mexican pesos and a note from your Spanish teacher: “Este es el examen final”


Just so you know, 1000 pesos comes out to about 52 USD.


12. Something happy please. Include cats and maybe lizards.




13. A boy asks a girl out. It’s high school. It’s awkward. Narrate it from the point of view of a nature documentary.


Mean Girls Animal Planet

Image via Giphy


14. You die and go to Hell only to find out that you’re the only person that has ever entered. Satan is clapping.


I imagine it would be a little something like


Satan's BFF

Image via


15. Bob Ross was actually a serial killer that painted where he buried his victims. His paintings are becoming suspicious and the body count is rising.


Bob Ross

Image via Imgur


Happy reading and happy writing!


Featured image via Word Press Chronicles.