Here’s Our Review of DC’s ‘Aquaman’!

It’s been a rough road for DC’s cinematic universe but James Wan’s Aquaman is definitely a new addition to be grateful for. I had the chance to see an advance screening, so here are my thoughts!


Spoilers Ahead


The film has a bit of everything. There are lots of classic characters from the comics; allies, villains, ancient sea creatures, and feuding family members played by an all star cast. There are epic battles and a treasure hunt that spans across oceans and deserts. There is even a giant monster voiced by Julie Andrews.



Aquaman vs Orm

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Jason Momoa’s Aquaman/Arthur Curry has to stop his half-brother, King Orm of Atlantis, from destroying the surface in an all out war. Orm is played by Patrick Wilson and has a conservative view on maintaining the division between the land and sea while also establishing Atlantis’s dominance.


Orm rallies the armies of the ocean’s kingdoms and enlists Aquaman’s comic book nemesis, Black Manta, in a show of force. Amber Heard’s Mera partners with Arthur to hunt down a fabled trident that will help dethrone Orm and save everyone that lives above the sea. All the while Arthur overcomes his insecurities about belonging to neither world and establishes peace by becoming the new king that champions both.



Aquaman Poster

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Aquaman is an ambitious movie and the plot is quickly paced in order to fit everything (including elements from Aquaman’s acclaimed recent comic book runs, The Trench, The Others, and Throne of Atlantis). The film is fast paced to the point that even its best features seem slightly underdeveloped and glossed over. However, this also means that any flaws are forgotten in an instant as well. The expositional dialogue can get a little heavy but is necessary given how much the film has to juggle.


The visuals and world building are beautiful. The undersea kingdoms and creatures are rendered with the kind of detail you would find in a Star Wars setting. The action sequences are well choreographed. All of the actors bring the comic book characters to life and do them justice. Jason Momoa does a great job of capturing Aquaman’s various dimensions from the character’s seventy-seven-year comic book run, whether silly, regal, or badass.


Aquaman will be in theaters December 21st. It is worth seeing on the big screen and is a very enjoyable watch.






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