14 Signs You Are Obsessed With a Book Character

If there’s any obsession that can be deemed “healthy,” it’s a book obsession (at least according to us book lovers). Sometimes we get so emotionally involved with a book and its characters that they seem to become a part of our own lives. Our favorite characters have influenced us in ways we may not even realize. Here are 14 signs you are obsessed with a character. Let us know what we’re missing!


1. You casually talk about where you’ve read the book as if you were with your favorite character. 

“Holly Golightly and I had a great day shopping.” 


2.You are too excited when you hear a movie adaptation is coming out.


3. Or you fear how the book could be sabotaged by the movie.


4. You know you can rely on book characters, even more than your friends.


5. You look to them when you have big life decisions to make.


6. And get mad when they make a bad life decision.


7. You choose to read about them instead of hanging out (or going to work…)


8. You scoff and defend them if someone doesn’t like what they’re doing.


9. You compare other characters to them.


10. You look forward to the occasions when you can dress up like them.


11. You’ve written fan-fiction.


12. You day dream of the fun you would have together.


13. You name a pet/child/inanimate object after them.

“Meet my car, Mrs. Dalloway.” 


14. You feel guilty reading another book, but don’t worry: your favorite book characters want you to keep reading! 


Which book character are you obsessed with?


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