A man on a train listening to headphones.

13 Podcasts for Bookish Listeners

Forget your reading glasses at home? Have an hour long commute? As long as you have headphones, you never have to leave the world of books.


1. Bookclub

Book Club Logo

courtesy of BBC


“Bookclub” from BBC Radio is both enchanting and charming, and for more reasons than their desirable English accents. Featuring interviews from the authors of the specific novels they discuss, this is a great place to continue the life of a book even after you have finished reading.


2. The New Yorker Radio Hour

New Yorker Radio Hour Logo


courtesy of WNYC


“The New Yorker Radio Hour” is for those literary nerds who love the branding of this publishing company, claimed to be “the best of the best” by several sources. Complete with a catchy title, this WNYC production features more than just books. It also includes news, poems, short stories, and nearly any format of media literature that can be capitalized on.


3. The Guardian

The Guardian Logo


courtesy of The Guardian


“The Guardian’s” bookish podcast is very sophisticated, featuring authors and readers having stimulating conversations about the societal inspiration behind books.


4. The Book Review

New York Times Logo


courtesy of The New York Times


“The New York Times” allows authors to lend more than their words to a read: it gives a voice to the pages. Covering books that fly off the shelf, many famous authors are on this podcast. The discussions dig deeper than the novel’s inspiration but reveal truths that may have otherwise gone unknown about the author.


5. Bookworm

Logo for Bookworm

courtesy of KCRW


“Bookworm” explores books new and old, and comments on both intentions of the author through the novel and the public reaction to stories in general.


6. Lit Up

Lit Up Logo


courtesy of Lit Up


“Lit Up” is a delightful podcast, featuring host Angie, who approaches all stories in a way that seems very intimate and personal. This podcast covers anything lit, and can be very addicted to stream episodes back-to-back-to-back.


7. Lore

Lore Logo

courtesy of Lore


The unsettling podcast “Lore” isn’t for the faint of heart. Complemented by an eerie soundtrack, this podcast is great for people who love true-life scary stories.


8. Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends Logo

courtesy of Myths and Legends


“Myths and Legends” is a great way to follow “Lore,” especially if you are stuck up at 3 am, patiently waiting for any disasters. This podcast has the stories we all wanted to hear as children, but they still provide ample amounts of entertainment for adults.


9. Overdue Podcast

Overdue Logo

courtesy of Overdue Podcast


Though you may not have met them, Andrew and Craig from “The Overdue Podcast” will soon become your closest virtual friends. With rapport that could shame Regis and Kelly, these two discuss books that one has read, the other hasn’t, and makes book discussions of even the least interesting books incredibly enjoyable.


10. So Many Damn Books

So Many Damn Books Logo

courtesy of So Many Damn Books


Like lit? Try it blitzed, or at least maybe with a slight buzz. “So Many Damn Books” lets you drink (kind of not alone?) while listening to chatter about books. If, according to Ernest Hemingway, we are to write drunk and edit sober, maybe we should also listen drunk and read sober? This mature podcast is fun for the listeners, and it seems like the hosts too!


11. Books on the Nighstand

Books on the Night Stand Logo

courtesy of Books on the Nightstand


Though it is sadly no longer being produced, “Books on a Nightstand” addressed the problem we all have with that stack of books that we meant to get to, but that grows into a monster of fonts, papers, and adventure. They don’t seek to help, but rather share more novels to add, making your stack become a teetering hazard. Because they have stopped production, maybe there is hope that you won’t be smothered by unread novel stacks? Still worth a listen through the archives.


12. Book Riot

Book Riot Logo

courtesy of BookRiot


“Book Riot” gives you so many options. With their several different podcasts, you never have to pick just one genre, just one host, or just one episode. Scroll through the several podcasts shows they produce until you find the bookish one you have needed in your life.


13. Fresh Air

Fresh Air Logo

courtesy of NPR

“Fresh Air” is as its title states: a breath of fresh air. Covering books that range widely, this podcast exposes you to novels and authors you might not have otherwise been introduced to.