12-Year-Old Starts Organization to Give Books to the Needy

The best part of reading is sharing bookish wisdom and love with others. Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people still don’t have access to books. Doree Shelton, a 12-year-old from Tennessee decided to make a change in her community and started Doree’s Storees.


She told her local news station, “I started to read when I was very young because I was told if you read you can learn more. Also, a lady that came to our church spoke to us about how God wants to give back and I’m so blessed, and I always loved to read so I wanted to help others read.” 



Doree’s Storees seeks to donate books to those who need them most. Doree started by collecting used books and donating them to local shelters. Now, Doree’s Storees is growing!

If you want to donate books, contact


Doree has big plans for her organization. She hopes it becomes a family tradition and she can continue to share her love of books with others. 



All images courtesy of Doree’s Storees