12 Winter Looks for Book Lovers

From Our Friends at BookSparks

What’s better than winter reading season? Well, nothing, except for dressing up cozy and chic while devouring your new literary adventure. We scouted out 12 perfect winter accessories to go with this season’s most buzzed about fiction. As they say: you can never be overdressed or overly obsessed with reading.

Sweet Southern Hearts by Susan Schild

There is no better shade than this lush deep crimson to symbolize the passionate and emotion-filled journey of Linny Taylor and Jack Avery – two newlyweds who quickly discover that marriage is the rollercoaster of a lifetime. 



Britt Marie Was Here by Frederik Backman  

If you’re craving a winter reading treat about rediscovering yourself, Britt Marie Was Here will leave you full of feels well into summer. One of our heroine’s main quirks here is OCD-level cleanliness, which is why these clean and snowy white mittens belong on the hand of every reader.  



The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle

For those winter-attire obsessed book lovers who opt for a read with a darker twist, the sadistic and twisty plot surprises in The Marriage Lie are endless. We suggest a golden-hued hat to keep you warm this winter…to match the golden ring of deceit in this unforgettable novel. 



Small Admissions by Amy Poeppel

There is no drama like private school admissions drama – especially when Manhattan’s elite are involved. Remind yourself that money talks with these cozy forest green gloves (touch screen friendly, don’t worry). 



Idaho by Emily Ruskovich  

The year just started but we’ve already devoured and re-devoured this stunning tale on love, forgiveness and family set in the stunning Idaho landscape. We are obsessed with Idaho’s book cover so adopted a canary-yellow scarf so we’re always reminded of this unforgettable debut. 



When the Lights Go Out by David Rodriguez 

This chunky grey infinity scarf will help you fight winter blues just like boxer David Rodriguez battled against his life’s harrowing circumstances to become a celebrated advocate against childhood bullying.  



Say Goodbye for Now by Catherine Ryan Hyde 

Nothing will keep you cozier this winter than a faux furry winter accessory to remind you of the star wolf behind this heartwarming literary escape. Hint: he brings the characters together in a way that will change their lives forever. 



The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell

Celebrate this dazzling Bronte-inspired modern literary scavenger hunt by adding a vintage accessory to your winter look; even Emily would approve of this crochet look. 



The Mistress by Danielle Steel 

We’re not sure if we’re more obsessed with the stunning emerald green dress on this book cover (which inspired our winter wear pick) or the intoxicatingly addictive love triangle found in the pages. We’ll leave the final call to you.  



Sweet Lake by Christine Nolfi 

Only floral could match the amount of romance in Sweet Lake – the story of a woman who tries to navigate familial expectations while discovering her heart’s true desires.



The Magic of Memoir by Brooke Warner and Linda Joy Myers 

Dress like the blossoming star writer you are with this vintage book print. With more than 38 incredible success stories from best-selling memoirists, Magic of Memoir is brimming with publishing inspiration on every page – and this scarf will obviously keep you motivated, too. 



Magic Flute by Patricia Minger 

Music lovers rejoice – we have the perfect literary escape for you and the classy winter accessory that will rival the grandeur of this inspiring opera-celebrative tale. Who wouldn’t want to dress like this gorgeous book cover? 





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