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12 Must-See Places for True Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter fans have pretty much taken over the world! We’re everywhere, and we’re not afraid to show just how much we love the wonderful wizarding world. Because of our love, there’s a special place for Potter fans just about anywhere you go. We found some of the coolest Harry Potter themed places that you simply must visit next time you’ve got some free time:  


1) The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios


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This one is a no-brainer. People from all over have flocked to Universal Studios to live the Potter experience. From butterbeer to a life-sized Hogwarts Express to getting your own wand — the place is truly unforgettable. Plus there are rollercoasters, neat! Get tickets here.


2) Quidditch World Cup


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That’s right, Quidditch is no longer exists purely in fiction! Quidditch teams from all over the world complete in the Quidditch World Cup for a chance at glory. Why isn’t this covered on the sports channels!? 


3) Alnwick Castle


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Fans will recognize this place immediately – it’s the real-life Hogwarts! The castle in North Umberland, England was used for filming the first two movies. You can even sign up for a broomstick flight training course and wizarding classes on the premises.


4) The Lockhart


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For older fans, you and your friends can enjoy some wizard-themed cocktails at this Harry Potter themed bar in Toronto, Canada. It’s completely decked out in Harry Potter decor, including quotes, a Patronus symbol, and Harry Potter dolls. Be careful, the Death Eaters have their own drink (which we’re dying to try)!


5) Georgian House


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This family-run bed and breakfast in central London was made to look like the wizarding chambers in Hogwarts. Found behind a bookshelf, you can live it up just like a wizard in these castle-like rooms for a magical night’s sleep.   


6) Muggle Tours


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While in London, you can follow in The Golden Trio’s footsteps as you’re taken around some of the most famous sites in the film. Feast your eyes on the Leaky Cauldron, 12 Grimmauld Place, Knockturn Alley, the visitor’s entrance to the Ministry of Magic and more! 


7) Edinburgh, Scotland


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You might be thinking “Why Scotland? Isn’t everything in London?” Actually, you can visit The Elephant House or The Balmoral Hotel, two places where Rowling wrote parts of the series. We hear she left a special message on the marble bust in room 652!


8) College of Wizardry


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They don’t offer a full semester, but you can experience wizarding school for four days in this Polish castle. While not explicitly Harry Potter themed, they offer their own magical creatures, houses, and magic. Potter fans will appreciate the wizarding fantasy.


9) Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London


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Ever wonder what some of the props from the movie look like up close? The Making of Harry Potter Tour brings fans into different rooms to see some of the sets and items from each of the movies. Now if only we could take the Sorting Hat home…


10) Glenfinnan Viaduct


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Scotland’s Jacobite not only looks like the Hogwarts Express, but it also takes you over the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which was featured in several of the movies. Sit back, relax, and pretend you’re on your way to Hogwarts with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


11) Harry Potter: The Exhibition


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In case you can’t get to a few of these places, look out for this traveling exhibition! You can see props and costumes in Hogwarts-inspired sets. So far the tour has made it to Chicago, Boston, Toronto, New York City, Sydney, Singapore, and many other places all around the globe.


12) King’s Cross Station


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Last but not least, it’s time to go to school! At the King’s Cross Station in London, you can brave the crowds to see Platform 9 3/4 and try to run through the wall! Alright, so maybe you can’t actually run through the wall, but your picture will look like you can!  


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