11-Year-Old Boy Writes Book ‘Me and My Afro’ During Pandemic

While many of us feel as though life is at standstill during this pandemic, some people are making gardens bloom from upended soil. This includes Aiden M. Taylor, an eleven-year-old boy from New York City who has used this time to write a novel and uplift other children’ spirits. His illustrated children’s book, Me and My Afro, is for all the children out there right now who may be struggling mentally and emotionally during this trying time.




“People need inspiration,” Aiden said. “They’re probably feeling down. Because of the pandemic kids can’t play outside. They have to wear masks and that’s wack. So I decided to make a book about self-love and that would get them energetic and feeling much better.”



This remarkable book with its message of self-love would not have been possible without the encouragement of his Big Brother and mentor, Spencer Jaffe, and the illustrations by Tana Teeya. “He is a really strong go-getter and he works really hard to accomplish his goals. It’s honestly something I can learn a lot from,” said Jaffe.

As Aiden, and his afro, grows throughout the years to come, we can surely expect more incredible things from him.

“I want kids to love themselves and love the way they are, love their hair, and be a leader and not a follower.”


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