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11 Beautiful DIY Book Covers to Decorate Your Books

Whether you are protecting your books or giving them a second life, book covers can be a stylish way to dress up your library. You can transform your book into a sandwich or create a chic monochromatic color scheme for your book shelves. The possibilities are endless, but here is our top eleven designs. 


#1 Brown Paper Classics:


when your hardcover books’ dust jacket gets a little worn, a brown paper cover is a classic fix to give your books a second life. You can outfit them with handwritten titles on the spine for an elegant way to dress up your library.


Brown Paper Books

Source: Brit & Co


#2 Countdown Book Cover.


Counting the days until graduation? Well, with this handy countdown cover, you can keep track. Or more importantly, it can tell you how many days until the library book is due. Use the basic book cover method shown above and then add black letters and a chalkboard vinyl rectangle. 


Book with countdown

Source: Brit & Co


#3 Starbucks Cover


You can use any paper bag to wrap your book, not just Starbucks. But if you’re into coffee, then that iconic mermaid might be the perfect fit for you!


Book wrapped in Starbucks bag

Source: Etsy


#4 Maps


You can wrap your precious books in any paper – even a map! This cover is perfect for any edition of Paper Towns or Let’s Get Lost. 


Map wrapped around book

Source: Pinterest


#5 Sheet Music


This music book cover is an elegant way to express your musical side. It’ll keep your books looking sharp!


Book wrapped with sheet music

Source: Mitzi’s Collectibles 


#6 Magazines


Magazines are a great place to find photos to wrap your book in. You can even cut up the magazines to create a colorful collage cover!


Book with collage on it

Source: Pinterest 


#7 Washi Tape


From organizing your notes to decorating your walls, there is nothing washi tape can’t do. Washi tape can even decorate your book. 


                                                    Book with Washi tape    Book with Washi tape

Source: Brit & Co


#8 Envelope Cover


Whether it is a decorative love letter or a bookmark holder, envelope covers are sure to look great.


Book with envelope on it

Source: Scrapbooking247


#9 Fabric


Fabric will give a soft feel to your book. You can buy a swatch of patterned fabric, use an old t-shirt, or you can even use an old pair of jeans to literally dress up your old books. You can also use the pockets for pencils and Post-It notes.


Book wrapped in jeans with giant pocket

Source: Pinterest


#10 Painting


Whether you are daring enough to paint directly on your book or playing it safe by painting fabric.paper to attach later, painting can allow for spectacular designs like this galaxy themed books


Book with galaxy painting

Source: Cherfbl


#11 Ice Cream Sandwich


Best of all, you can turn your book into an ice cream sandwich.  Perfect for any cookbook, this delicious design in sure to make your library look sweet!


Book that looks like an ice cream sandwich