10-Year -Old Writes Book to Raise Bring Awareness of Childhood Depression

A young boy from South Carolina has written a children’s book about dealing with childhood depression, something that is often not talked about.



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Delton Myers is a fifth grader in Meadowfield Elementary School. The name of the children’s book he has written is The Invisible Injury and it tackles the issue of childhood depression and how to deal with it. According to The State, Delton said “During family tragedies and tough times, parents often tell kids to be quiet or their feelings are just never addressed, we need to let kids know that it’s OK to talk about their feelings and that they can get help.”


The book centers around a young pig named Peggie, who is dealing with difficult times but must learn how to express her emotions and combat the issues she is faced with in a healthy manner. Delton’s mother, Deidre Myers-Jeffcoat revealed that much of the subject matter the book faces closely relates to the feeling and situations her son has faced.  Delton will be going on a book tour with his therapist and godmother.


His book can be bought on Amazon for just $10.99!


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