10 TV Shows and Movies That Should Definitely Be Books

We always talk about which books should be adapted to the screen, but we never speak on the TV shows and movies that should be adapted into books! It’s true, most books are transformed on screen and rarely do we see it the other way around. Books have a plethora of detail to make a good movie out of, but there might be some embellishing that needs to be done if going the other way. 


I’ve thought long and hard on this and I think these 10 TV shows and movies should be made into books so we can enjoy them more and more. 


1) The Office



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Channel: NBC, Netflix

Who should write it: Someone funny…hmmm

This book could be amazing. It would also work as a series with each character narrating a chapter, or a few chapters about their experiences in the office. Imagine the details about Dwight’s pranks. Epic!



2) Fleabag



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Channel: Amazon Prime

Who should write it: Phoebe Waller-Bridge herself!

Dysfunctional families always make for good TV and reading material. If Waller-Bridge can kill it with the TV show, she’d surely create a hilarious, relatable book. 



3) Catastrophe 



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Channel: Amazon Prime 

Who should write it: Sharon Hogan & Rob Delaney

Imagine the two stars of the show acting….but in a book. I would definitely read it, because the show is just too quick and I need more!



4) Black Mirror 


black mirror

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Channel: Netflix

Who should write it: Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, Margaret Atwood, Stephen King

Dystopian crime/mystery could be a new genre thanks to Black Mirror. Each episode could be a short story, with their own foreboding ending. Imagine a collection by a bunch of different writers! 



5) Freaks and Geeks



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Channel: Netflix

Who should write it: James Franco & Seth Rogen

Teenage angst, high school, love interests…it’s the perfect formula for a YA book. It’d also be hilarious to read. All of the different characters would be so entertaining!



6) Harlots 



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Channel: Hulu 

Who should write it: Phillipa Gregory anyone??

A domineering mother who forces her girls to become harlots, but still loves them more than anything else? COMPLICATED. This could be a period book that would make 18th century England even more fascinating than it already is. 



7) 500 Days of Summer



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Who should write it: John Green 

Ugh this would make a crazy, heart-wrenching novel. It’s too real. We know the ending, but who wouldn’t want to see their relationship play out – novel style?



8) Crimson Peak



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Who should write it: SHOULD have been written by a Brontë 

With this movie, I got so many Wuthering Heights, The Turn of the Screw vibes. Murder, ghosts, arranged marriage? I’d definitely want to read this.



9) Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight


before sunrise

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Who should write it: Nicholas Sparks or John Green!

It’s already a trilogy! Everything is there for you! Imagine this as a modern love series. It could alternate between His and Her perspectives and be a heartbreaking, beautiful, and real series about love and marriage. 



10) About Time

about time

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Who should write it: Anyone. Just do it please! Audrey Niffenegger?? 

One of my favorite movies. Ever. I can watch the movie over and over again and never get tired of it. It’s a classic love story about a meet and greet with a twist…the men in Tim’s family can travel through time.


What are some TV shows or movies you’d love to have as books? 






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