10 Reasons Why Bookworms Are Best Friend Material

You’ll fall in love with them once you get to know them. As they say, never judge a book by its cover! ;)

Book Culture

Let’s be honest, bookworms are pretty darn awesome. Readers are often undervalued but I’m here to tell you why you should not ignore bookworms, no matter how quiet or introverted, if you’re on the search for friend material. There are so many awesome qualities found in a reader that makes them truly friend-worthy, here are just some of many!


1. Bookworms are super empathetic.




Readers are exposed to a variety of characters who each have a different background, opinions, aspirations, temperaments, and more. Exposure to diverse characters increases a reader’s empathy, which benefits them in the real world too. Bookworms are naturally empathetic and can step into the predicament of close friends and can understand what they’re going through.


2. Bookworms always have an inspiring quote to make you feel better.


Authors and poets alike are skilled in creating deep, meaningful quotes that can raise goosebumps on the reader. When readers run across the quotes that touch them, they often memorize it and take it with them. Whenever you’re feeling down, you can always count on your bookworm friend to recite an inspiring quote that will turn that frown upside-up.


3. Need help understanding a story? Bookworms are there for you.


Whether you’re writing a book report for school or are simply trying to understand what the hell Shakespeare (or Stephen King) is trying to say, you can count on your bookworm bestie to enlighten you. Readers learn how to analyze language and the ways in which language functions. Language can be difficult, and not everyone can easily cipher a story’s meaning. If you’re wary of using Google and Wikipedia, bookworms can offer advice and insight you can trust.


4. Bookworms are the best listeners.



If readers can spend hours in one sitting reading a book, then trust me, they can spend a good deal of time listening to you share. Readers invest time in listening to a character, narrator, or author and in doing so they’ve learned how to listen. From hearing someone explain a long ass situation to hearing a character talk about themselves, readers can easily apply their listening skills to you. Readers love stories and hearing an actual person share their story is just as enjoyable.


5. Bookworms always have something interesting to say.


Bookworms take away a great deal from a story and most of the time the stories we’ve read stick with us. Bookworms can always fill an uncomfortable or abnormally long silence by relating stories they’ve read, tidbits they’ve picked up, and facts about the stories or authors they’re so familiar with. There’s certainly never a dull conversation with a bookworm and the best part is what they’ve learned, you can learn to and use whenever you’re the one in an awkward situation.


6. Bookworms are very articulate.


As we’ve established, language can be really frickin’ hard to understand sometimes. Whether it’s Victorian literature or modern fantasy, readers learn how to understand language in layered ways in order to appreciate the story. As a result, many readers have large vocabularies which may sometimes make them sound pretentious but has the benefit of allowing them to communicate effectively. Communication is huge between friends and being able to say what you really mean in a way that can’t be interpreted (and won’t be offensive) is a pretty big benefit. In addition, bookworms may be very honest as they’ve seen how lies and miscommunication can create a domino effect for people. So, beware, if you want honesty with a bookworm bestie, you’ll get it.


7. Bookworms are always up for an adventure.


One of the many reasons readers love books is because their pages are filled with adventures left and right. Whether it is a literal cross-country type of adventure or a spiritual adventure, books are all about taking you on a ride to a place you’ve never been (sound cheesy? Well, you know it’s true nevertheless). Readers LOVE adventures and it doesn’t just stop when the story is over. Not only are bookworms the best counterpart for adventures, but they’re often the ones who already have it planned out. If you’re looking for a wild ride then you can definitely count your bookworm bestie in.


8. Bookworms give the best book recommendations.


This one may sound obvious, but a reader undoubtedly knows the world of books – from newly released titles, books that are to be avoided, underrated books, perfect books depending on your mood, and so on. Even if you aren’t an avid reader, at one point or another you may want to pick up a book yourself. You certainly don’t want to waste hours reading a crappy book that disappoints in the end. So never fear, your bookworm friend will know just the right book for you.


9. Bookworms are problem solvers.


Books are filled with conflicts and resolutions. As we flip the pages, we trace the beginnings, climaxes, and resolutions of horrible predicaments and decisions made by characters. Our histories with these never ending cycles allows us to see the warning signs for problems and use our references to go about solving it. Problem with a boyfriend/girlfriend? Problem with a psychotic boss? Problem with a maybe maybe not possessed sibling? (Okay, maybe the last is a stretch, but bookworms can definitely help you fix the problem).


10. Bookworms are great at analyzing people.



As mentioned, bookworms are great at problem solving, and one reason is because they’re good at analyzing people. In order to fix communication issues, trying to understand why people do what they do, and more takes an understanding of people. Given readers histories with following the decisions and thoughts of characters, they’re pretty darn good at understanding them. Maybe you’re going on a date and need a friend to analyze their profile on Tinder, or maybe you need a friend to validate your feelings toward someone else. A bookworm can pick up on somethings that maybe you’ve missed and they will be truly honest. Because after all, your bookworm bestie will look out for you!



Featured image courtesy of Timm Fleissgarten