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10 Reasons to Love Lara Jean Covey From ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’

Since the film adaptation of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before debuted last Friday on Netflix, everyone can’t stop talking about the feel-good romance comedy that revealed a surprising tenderness in its viewers. Although it is based on the best-selling YA novel of the same name by Jenny Han, people of all ages and backgrounds are falling in love with Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky.


Yes, these are probably the same people watching Castle Rock each week and patiently waiting for the next season of The Handmaid’s Tale. And yes, I desperately want a sequel to this lovely romcom that made my heart soar.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before depicts the picturesque high school love story: the popular high school jock falling in love with the shy, smart girl. Because of this idealistic romance, fans have been going crazy for the new teen heartthrob Noah Centineo who played Peter Kavinsky, Lara Jean’s unexpected love interest. 




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And like, we totally get it, he’s a dream boat.


But this article is devoted to the true star of the movie: Lara Jean Covey. 


Lana Candor was the perfect Lara Jean! Even author Jenny Han gushes about her spot-on casting. 



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This is officially a Lara Jean Covey appreciation post. 



1. As soon as the movie began, I found myself immediately relating to her when I saw how messy her room was. All of the best women have messy rooms and that’s a fact. 



2. She had an amazing sense of style! Her wardrobe actually made me want to make an effort when getting dressed for class this semester. 




3. That feeling when you’re halfway through the movie and you realize you’re more excited for Lara Jean’s screen time than Peter Kavinsky’s. 



4. The concept of the book was also really creative and innocent in its own way which is what originally led to its fame. Lara Jean’s crushes that ranged from an innocent kiss at a middle school party to the guy she danced with at her freshman homecoming dance – these are all such innocent, relatable moments in time that a lot of young adults can remember in their own lives. Weren’t we all constantly falling in love, like Lara Jean?



5. Her resistance with letting the fake relationship go too far was completely understandable. We love our practical queen. But, like Peter Kavinsky, we desperately wanted Lara Jean to let her guard down and just let them fall in love already!!



6. The tight-knit closeness of her family was beautiful to see. Her friendship with her sisters really meant a lot throughout the film as this is a relationship you don’t often get to see in movies and books. They were her whole support system and you could see how much Lara Jean needed Margot in the end. 



7. Candor’s and Centineo’s on-screen chemistry was enough to melt any cynic’s heart. This was the perfect summer send-off and revival of the romcom genre. Catch me writing love letters and mailing them to my potential suitors, now. 



8. And again, yeah, Peter Kavinsky was cute and all, but Lana Candor’s depiction of Covey deserves some love, too. She was the perfect protagonist for a YA romcom. 



Let’s hope the next two books become films, as well! This relationship was likeable and relatable enough for its viewers to want to stay on and continue watching it develop.



Until then, we’ll just be patiently sitting here . . . binge-reading the books and casually waiting for another movie to move out. 





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