10 Reasons People Who Read Books Are Just Better

Bookworms are some of the best people. We love to read, we love to talk about what we read, and we adore writing. We’re grammar nerds, bibliophiles, library lovers, bookstore frequenters, and adorers of cozy reading spots. Sometimes, we get a little obsessed over our books, but that’s why we’re so dedicated. Here are 10 reasons why people who read are a little bit cooler than those who don’t.

1) We have impeccable writing and speaking skills


2) We’re educated and full of facts


3) We’re great at recommending books


4) We’re informed: We learn about a variety of topics, people, places, and things without leaving a book


5) We’ve got an imagination 


6) We can multitask: Holding a book in one hand, keeping our phone in the other, and holding onto a coffee? Skills.


7) We’re never bored


8) We have strong arms from carrying books   


 9) We’re great at commitment 


10) We know how to function on little sleep (because we stayed up late reading)


 Why do you think readers are the best?


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