10 Products That’ll Make You Want to Sit Down and Read

I know none of you need too much encouragement to read, but these products will make the idea absolutely irresistible! 


1. The Book Lover’s Journal


A physical Goodreads, this journal lets readers document every book they’ve read, what they thought about it, and what they want to read next. Inside this journal, readers can keep track of their To Be Read list, which books they’ve leant out and to who, and inspiration for future reading. This pocket-sized journal is perfect for carrying a bookish journey along with anyone anywhere. 



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2. Personal Library Kit


Everyone has lent a book to someone and have totally forgotten who they sent it to and when. This personal library kit fixes all of reader’s lending woes. Similar to library books of days gone by, this personal library kit includes self adhesive pockets and checkout cards, a date stamp and ink pad, and a pencil. Now you will be able to trust your friends again with your books. 



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3. Literary Cutting Board


Wishing you could add a little literary flair to your kitchen? Now you can with this Romeo and Julienne cutting board. The side of the solid beech wood cutting board looks like the spine of a Shakespeare classic, but with a twist. 



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4. Book Cover Kindle Covers


Miss the look and feel of having a traditional book since switching over to Kindle? Now you can reclaim some of that feel back with these classic book cover Kindle cases. These cases feature book covers of authors such as Harper Lee and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Protective from the inside out, these covers feature a book plate finish inside with a gorgeous cover on the outside.


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5. Bookish Washi Tape


One of the millions of rolls of washi tape a bullet journal enthusiast is bound to have, this roll showcases your love for books. This tape gives a bit of literary flare to scrapbook pages, cards, interesting wrapping paper, and any other DIY project. 



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6. Novel Teas


I like to unwind after a long day with a good book and a cup of tea. These novel teas feature literary quotes from authors all around the world. The perfect gift for book lovers and fans of the Victorian era of literature, you can now read them and steep! 



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7. Book Spines Planter


Add some literary flair to your garden with this stacked book planter. The perfect bookish accessory, this charming planter looks like a stack of home and garden books.



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8. Bookshelf Wallpaper


Envious of those gorgeous floor-to-ceiling bookshelves you see on Instagram? Now you can (kind of) obtain it with the bookshelf wallpaper. For only 50 ¢ a square foot, you can now transform any blank wall into a swoon-worthy wall of books. 



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9. Literary Lunch Box

Bring your lust for literature to lunch with this literary lunch box. Disguised as a book, this bento-box style lunch box is perfect for any lunch. Complete with a inner sliding divider, this lunch box will keep your veggies crisp and your snacks separate. 



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10. Book of Spells Kindle Cover

Wanting to bring a bit of Harry Potter with you wherever you go? These slim and lightweight Kindle cases add a bit of magic to reading on the go. Featuring a Book of Spells design, this case comes in six different colors to satisfy any reader. 


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