10 Places We Wish We Were Reading in Right Now

If only I could read all the time… Half the time, my back is curled up over a book on my morning commute as I try to drown out the sound of train wheels screeching and music blasting from my fellow commuters’ headphones. While I find it best not to be too picky (or you’ll waste time that could be spent reading), finding that perfect reading spot is deeply satisfying.  If life was perfect, I would be reading in one (or all) of these places right now:

This dreamy hammock:

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This minimalist lil’ nook:

Image courtesy of ArchiEXPO 

This amazing, petite library:

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 This precarious teardrop:

Image courtesy of ChildWiseChat

 This gorgeous gazebo:

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Beside the pale blue waters of this beach:

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Next to this massive window:

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Wherever and whatever this place is: 

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This nature-loving, dreamy hammock (part II)

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And this extremely kid-friendly tree:

Image courtesy of CountryLiving

Where is your favorite reading spot?

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