10 Must-Read Historical Romance Novels

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We’ve taken some artistic license with the phrase ‘historical romance.’ We know that historical fiction is typically about a time period at least 25 years before it was written, but in this instance we’re using ‘historical’ to refer to a past time period.

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Pride & PrejudicePride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

At the turn of eighteenth-century England, Elizabeth Bennet copes with the suit of the snobbish Mr. Darcy while trying to sort out the romantic entanglements of two of her sisters,  Jane and Lydia. This is considered one of the greatest love stories of all time. Read more about Pride and Prejudice.  

OutlanderOutlander by Diana Gabaldon

Claire Randall has a husband in one century and a lover in another! In 1945, a former combat nurse named Claire Randall is back from the war and reunited with her husband when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an “outlander”—in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of our Lord, 1743. Read more about Outlander.  

Jane EyreJane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Following the tragic events at her school, Jane Eyre seeks work as a governess, and falls in love with her employer, Edward Rochester. Their romance is doomed by a mysterious, savage woman, whose presence forces Jane to make a decision that threatens to leave her alone, cold, and faint with starvation… Read more about Jane Eyre.  

Gone with the WindGone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

A monumental classic considered by many to be not only the greatest love story ever written, but also the greatest Civil War saga. Mitchell’s epic novel of love and war won the Pulitzer Prize and went on to give rise to two authorized sequels and one of the most popular and celebrated movies of all time. Read more about Gone With the Wind.  

Sense and SensibilitySense & Sensibility by Jane Austen

Austen’s first published novel portrays the life and loves of sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. When they move into their new home on a distant relative’s property they experience love, romance and heartbreak. Read more about Sense and Sensibility.  

Wuthering HeightsWuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Lockwood, the new tenant of Thrushcross Grange on the bleak Yorkshire moors, is forced to seek shelter one night at Wuthering Heights, the home of his landlord, Where he discovers the history of the tempestuous events that took place years before: of the intense passion between the foundling Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw, and her betrayal of him. Read more about Wuthering Heights.  

A Knight in Shining ArmourA Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux

Abandoned by her lover, Dougless Montgomery finds herself alone and brokenhearted in an old English church. She never dreamed that a love more powerful than time awaited her there until Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck, a 16th-century knight, appeared. Read more about A Knight in Shining Armor.  

Memoirs ofMemoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

A literary tour-de-force about a geisha who rose to fame in the city of Gion in the late 1930s and her struggle to win her great love. Sayuri has been described as a romantic heroine in the same vein as Jane Eyre and Scarlett O’Hara. Read more about Memoirs of a Geisha.  

Anna KareninaAnna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Tolstoy charts the course of the doomed love affair between Anna, a beautiful married woman, and Count Vronsky, a wealthy army officer who pursues Anna after becoming infatuated with her at a ball. Although she initially resists his charms Anna eventually succumbs, falling passionately in love and setting in motion a chain of events that lead to her downfall. Read more about Anna Karenina.  

Lady Chatterley’s LoverLady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence

The husband of a young married woman named Constance has been paralysed from the waist down due to a war injury, and his physical and emotional neglect forces a distance between the couple. Constance’s sexual frustration leads her into an affair with the gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors. Read more about Lady Chatterley’s Lover.  

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