10 Memorable Reads to Fill Your 3-Day Weekend

From our friends at BookSparks

Memorial Day gives you one glorious extra day this weekend to kick off your summer reading. Spend this month?’s three-day break picking up one of these hot new reads. 

Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff

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There?s no such thing as work/life balance when your children and your boss expect 100% of you. Jennifer Sharpe is a divorced mom facing the same issues any working, single parent does: there?’s just not enough time in the day to get it all done. Her luck changes though when a brilliant physicist comes into possession of her phone. He places an app there that will change her life by making time travel possible. Now Jennifer has all the time in the world to be all things to everyone. But once her life is in perfect order she finds that the time spent isn’?t nearly as valuable without sacrifice. This modern-day fairytale will resonate with moms and make them realize that quantity of time isn’?t nearly as valuable as quality.

?Born With Teeth by Kate Mulgrew

This raw memoir follows the life of Kate Mulgrew from her early days being raised by an Irish Catholic family, to the time she spent building her acting career. Known best for her role as Captain Janeway on Star Trek, Kate’?s challenging road to stardom will surprise you. Through this open and honest look into her life, you?ll meet the most inspiring character she ever played: herself.

?The Year My Mother Came Back by Alice Eve Cohen

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After losing her mother almost thirty years ago, Alice Eve Cohen decided to let her back in during one of the most difficult year?s of her life. Painfully and honestly, she invites her lost parent entirely back in ?all the memories, good and bad, to the point where she seems to be there with Alice in the flesh.  While one of her daughters faces surgery and the other seeks out her birth mother, Alice copes with a daunting diagnosis and difficult parenting moments with her mother at her side. What she discovers through this telling memoir is the truth behind what being a good mother really means. 

?Surface by Stacy Robinson

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A life lived so sensibly should not end up in shambles, but after one impulsive indiscretion, Claire Montgomery begins to watch the world around her crumble. Her wealthy husband blames her for the chaos of their life and the damage being done to their seventeen-year-old son; but, as the anger progresses, Claire begins considering a different future from the one she had planned and begins to discover her husband may not be as innocent as he pretends. In the midst of her most difficult days, Claire must decide if she wants to know the real truth about her husband and risk destroying what they had forever.

The Children’?s Crusade by Ann Packer

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In 1954, Bill Blair settles into a wooded area that won’?t be known as Silicon Valley for years to come. His dream of a wife and kids comes in the form of Penny, a mercurial housewife, and four children. Thirty years later the children are successful professionals, except for the youngest. When the youngest “problem child” returns to the area, all four children are forced to face their past and individually portray the family life they came from. 

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Ani has a secret that could cause her to lose the life she?s been working so hard to build: the perfect job, fancy wardrobe, and hot fiance. She must decide whether to come clean about her past, or to succumb to the pressure of ?having it all,? and live a lie.  

Vote for Remi by Leanna Lehman

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A US government teacher may not be who you’?d first imagine as a presidential candidate, but when Remi Covington?’s students play a social media prank on her, she finds herself running in the upcoming election. Rather than back down, Remi plays along and throws her all into rallying support. She stands strong through the ups and downs that come with being a female candidate in a male-dominated world, and proves to everyone that the American Dream is still very much alive.

?Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews

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Greer Hennessy is on the verge of losing her career as a location scout for movies. Cypress Key, a sleepy, but perfect town in Florida, is her only hope of turning things around. The town?s mayor, however, is hardly welcoming Hollywood with open arms. Despite Eben Thibadeaux?’s objections, Greer moves forward. With a cast of characters rolling into town and Greer?’s interest in Eben ever-growing, she’?ll have to decide if her career is worth sacrificing an opportunity at true love. 

?Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani

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A family drama of a young photographer who is forced by circumstance to return to the family that she?’d distanced herself from years before. Her dying father, who lies still in a coma, brings Sonya and her two sisters back together, and stirs up raw emotions from the past. As more family secrets are unveiled, the sisters must decide whether family ties are stronger than past wrongs.

?Inside the O?’Briens by Lisa Genova

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From the author of Still Alice, comes a novel that dives into a painstaking and incurable disease. Joe O?’Brien thinks his outbursts and inability to focus are just a result of his job as a police officer, but there?’s more to his pain than stress. When he’?s handed the diagnosis, his family is changed forever. Suffering from Huntington’?s Disease that will strip him of all he is, Joe’s children not only have to watch their father degenerate, but also have to decide if they want to know whether or not the same fate awaits them. With love, heartache and hope, Joe and his children navigate the new landscape of all their lives.