10 Literary-Loving Hotels

Books can help us travel to places we have never been before, and sometimes we are transported to places that only exist in our imaginations. It’s why we love books! When we travel, it would be nice to know that our accommodations appreciate our love of literature as much as we do. Here are ten hotels that do just that! Pack your bags with your current favorite read and go seek out an adventure with one of these literary hotels as your temporary home.

1. The Library Hotel, New York, New York:

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This New York City hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the iconic New York Public Library. Organized by the Dewey Decimal System, the hotel floors and room types correspond to the system like every librarian must dream of. The Reading Room has 24 hour access for guests, featuring an extensive library and delightful tea and cookies. The Bookmarks Lounge is the Writer’s Den and Poetry Garden by day, but at night, it turns into a rooftop bar offering literary-based cocktails. These amenities almost makes leaving the hotel to explore New York difficult.


2. The Betsy South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida:

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If any reader is heading to Florida, consider booking your stay at The Betsy in South Beach. It is the only literary arts hotel in Miami Beach, and it is not surprising as the hotel is owned by three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, Hyam Plutzik’s son, Jonathan Plutzik. Inspired by those literary roots, this hotel offers a writer’s studio and has a writer in-residence. If you are not the writing type, this hotel still is a beautiful place to relax with your favorite beach read.


3. Georgian House, London, England:

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This hotel is perfect for fans of the Harry Potter series. Why? Two words: Wizard Chamber. This London boutique hotel adds a whole new level of elegance to being a Harry Potter fan. As described on the hotel’s site, “Concealed behind a bookcase door, curious guests can enjoy venturing to the Wizard Chamber on the lower ground floor of our 19th century hotel.” The door itself seems mind-blowingly amazing. This place is also located close to the muggle tours of London and Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio, so pack your J.K. Rowling books and head here for a magical time.


4. Apostrophe Hotel, Paris, France:

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Have you ever wanted to live in a book? Well, Apostrophe Hotel might be the closest you will ever come to this dream. Self-labeled as a “poem hotel”, the accommodations are designed with a literary theme, and were arranged in such a way that it was as if you are living in a large book. The poetic atmosphere begins with the outside facade of the building being painted with tree shadows. There are letters strewn across the staircase as they escape from the custom carpeting. It truly is a dream to be a guest in the Parisian hotel. 


5. Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, Oregon:

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For a more secluded experience, go out to Oregon to catch up on your reading list. There are no televisions or wifi at this hotel, but there are rooms decorated in the theme of many iconic writers such as Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare, and Jules Verne. If the name Sylvia Beach sounds familiar, it is because Sylvia Beach opened the legendary Shakespeare and Company bookstore and lending library with her husband in Paris that connected French readers with American authors. Now, this hotel honors Sylvia by making itself a secluded slice of literary paradise.


6. Hobbit Motel, Waitomo, New Zealand:

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Part of Woodlyn Park, the owner was inspired to build this motel underground after the glowworm caves nearby. However, he also loves Tolkien’s works. Thus, Hobbit Motel was born! While sheep and a donkey graze on the hills above, guests can live like Tolkien’s little heroes and experience the country that brought Middle Earth to life. Fortunately, everything was built to human scale here, so living like a hobbit is made a bit easier.


7. Twin Farms, Barnard, Vermont:

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Twin Farms on the surface does not appear to be a literary paradise like other accommodations on this list. However, it is the history of the hotel that makes it part of this list. As written on the hotel’s site, “When Nobel Prize-winning author Sinclair Lewis proposed to journalist Dorothy Thompson, she promised to marry him if he bought her a farm in Vermont with sweeping lawns, orchards, and ‘delicious air’.” This hotel is the farm Lewis purchased with Thompson to keep his promise, and now remains as an elegant New England getaway, perfect for those with their favorite classic novel in tow.


8. Radisson Sonya Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia:

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Within this seaside city, this boutique hotel has made a name for itself by its design choice. The whole hotel is crafted after the famous novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment. From the lobby to the guestrooms, the interior references Dostoyevsky’s narrative in subtle and overt ways. Taking on “bohemian flair and literary motifs”, this hotel is not without its modern luxuries, making it a perfect place to curl up with a good book away at night from the notorious Russian cold weather.


9. Wonderland House, Brighton, England:

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Step into Lewis Carroll’s imagination in this extravagant seaside house. The renovated regency home boasts it is, “one of the top ten movie themed houses in the world”. Able to sleep up to 24 guests, these accommodations are themed after the beloved tales of Alice in Wonderland. Teacups galore and whimsical details throughout the home, a guest would be able to spend the night in the “Flamingo Dreams Room” and have meals in the “Mad Hatter Dining Room”.


10. The Commons Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota:

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Last but not least, this hotel makes the list because it has the one thing all lovers of literature wish they had, a book butler. Yes, this self-described “industrial schoolhouse chic property” allows guests to read from their extensive library with staff on hand ready to deliver a fresh read. The library is a stunning display itself with a centerpiece fireplace and plenty of comfortable seats, so maybe visiting you will let your book butler take the day off as you chill out in this college district hotel.


These hotels are not even the only hotels built to the book lover’s delight, so grab up your novels and seek adventure around the world in one of these hotels or one of your own finding!



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