10 Insane Bookshelves We Dream About

People love to show off their vast book collections, but it gets boring to display them on standard rectangular shelves. So, here are some crazy bookshelves that bring the decoration to an entirely new level.


1. This Piano-turned Bookshelf to create the perfect mood for your room

image via pinterest


2. this gorgeous DIY flower bookshelf to amaze all your guests

image via DIYways.com


3. This pirate ship shelf for all your book treasure

image via theurbaninterior.com


4. This brooding batman bookshelf to protect your favorite titles

image via weheartit.com


5. this artsy shelf to inspire you to read more

image via theurbaninterior.com


6. This dr seuss-inspired wacky bookshelf that may or may not be stable

image via hongkiat.com


7. This soothing tree bookshelf that’s perfect for a rainy day

image via homeedit.com


8. this tardis bookshelf to let the world know just how much you love doctor who

(Don’t worry, there’s more space inside)

image via nutfreenerd.com


9. This tree bark bookshelf to add a bit of nature indoors

image via boredpanda.com


10. this bookshelf that is literally made out of books

image via pinterest
feature image via google images