10 Halloween-Themed Parody Names for our Favorite Authors

Halloween is the season for all things scary and horror. True, some of us cower underneath our covers for each hour until the end of October, but most of us have sensational fun during the time of ghouls, vampires, and other creatures. And speaking of fun, we here at Bookstr thought it’d be devilishly fun to re-imagine the names of our favorite authors using a Halloween themes. So, without further delay, here are our ten favorite Halloween parodies of author names!



1. J.K. Howling




J.K. Rowling | Image via Screen Rant




2. John Grief




John Green | Image via The New York Times




3. Rage Bradbury





Ray Bradbury | Image via Ultra Swank




4. John Stabbed-in-the-back




John Steinbeck | Image via Mashable




5. Mark Bloodstain




Mark Twain | Image via Business Insider




6. Edgar Allan Potion




Edgar Allan Poe | deviantart.com




7. Largerat Batwood




Margaret Atwood | Image via Margaret Atwood




8. Howard Kill-kids Lovecraft




Howard Philips Lovecraft | Image via  e-flux conversations




9. Charles Sickens




Charles Dickens | Image via NPR




10. Mary Scary-as-Helly




Mary Shelley | Image via India Today





Featured Image Via What’s Up Life