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10 Events You’ll Love If You’re Obsessed with Books

Sometimes being around our non-bookish friends can be exhausting. When we want to talk about what happened in the new book we read, they just don’t understand! It’s not their fault that they haven’t been bitten by the bookish bug, but we need people who get us. That’s why there are hundreds of festivals every year dedicated to the two things we love most — books and authors! Here are 10 events that every book lover should go to, at least once.  


1) Brooklyn Book Festival

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Every September, Brooklyn hosts the largest, free literary event in New York City! It’s a week of events that feature new authors (and some of our favorites), a children’s day, and a marketplace where you’ll be tempted to buy from an impressive number of book vendors. 


2) Edinburgh International Book Festival

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Visit Scotland’s beautiful capital for a two-week-long event that celebrates authors and literature. The festival, which started in 1983, now hosts over 220,000 visitors each year and offers over 700 events! Some of the most popular are their debate and discussion series where authors from all around the world come to talk about everything literary.


3) Shakespeare in the Park

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For Shakespeare fans, you can still experience the thrill of seeing a live production of one of his many plays without the hassle of time traveling. Every summer, Shakespeare in the Park shows two plays in Central Park, and the best part is that it’s free! This year they’ll be showing Julius Caesar and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.   


4) YALLFest

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If you love Young Adult novels, this is the place for you! YALLFest offers hundreds of YA titles to choose from and the opportunity to have them signed by the authors themselves! There’s also different panels to attend, which means you might have trouble choosing which ones you want to go to. 


5) Agatha Christie Festival

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Torquay, England celebrates the woman behind some of the most famous mystery novels — and they do it in style. The Agatha Christie Festival honors her work and celebrates the fabulous nights going to the theater, and attending outings and parties along the Riviera. No visit would be complete without seeing her impressive estate in Greenway. Make sure to stop by!



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Liz Calder, co-founder of Bloomsbury publishing, also founded an annual literary festival in Brazil! Located in the coastal town of Paraty, the festival emphasizes a focus on cultural exchange and togetherness, ending in many different conversations about literature and books.


7) National Book Festival

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The Library of Congress’ festival in Washington, DC is a chance for people to meet their favorite authors, take a picture of some of their favorite book characters, and even learn what goes into making the movie adaptations of different novels. Sounds fun!


8) Vancouver Writer’s Festival

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Attention writers, this is a festival especially for you! By inviting writers from all around the world, the festival wants to inspire different conversations about literature and reading. Readers can come to witness panels, Q&A’s and readings from authros everywhere.


9) LA Times’ Festival of Books

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What’s better than simply roaming through rows and rows of books? Nothing! That’s what makes this two-day festival so great. This festival has had visits from some of the best literary giants, like Margaret Atwood and Ray Bradbury.


10) Hay Festival of the Arts

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The town of Hay-on-Wye in Wales has been nicknamed the “town of books” due to the sheer amount of bookshops it has! The festival offers signings and workshops to the 250,000 people that attend yearly to express their undying love of books.  


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