10 Bookish Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Today

On the hunt for bookish Instagram accounts to follow for reviews and recommendations? Read on to find some of our favorites!

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Being a bookworm entails the need for more and more bookish content. When we’re not reading books, we want to consume even more book-related material in our free time. There are a plethora of bookish Instagram accounts that exist, but here is a condensed list of just ten that you can follow today! This list goes in order from least amount of followers to most, so you can join mass followings and even support smaller creators as well.

1. @bookbeankat

Kathy is a librarian from Texas who provides notable book recommendations regularly. She is a smaller creator with less than a thousand followers but is surely growing. Despite being a smaller account, she provides awesome recommendations ranging from romance to fantasy books. Be sure to follow Kathy on her book journey to a thousand followers!

2. @ofbookishbondage

If you love books and eye-catching photography, @ofbookishbondage is your person. You can see the passion behind the account through her detailed book reviews and creative photos, each taken with perfect lighting and composition. This account is the one to follow if you’re looking for the perfect book aesthetic that will inspire you.

3. @alyssum.reads

Standing at 3,000 followers, Alyssa shows off her books and delightful nature views! She talks all about books and takes beautiful photos on top of that. Alyssa’s book taste ranges from literary fiction and poetry to romance. You can see how much she loves books through her posts and her careful consideration of each photo that depicts them.

4. @bookishsoull_

Youstina is a book reviewer who is currently doing a challenge to read one book from every country! This is sure to give her a diverse taste in books, and this can diversify your taste, too, if you follow her on her journey. She creates reels and photos that showcase her current reads and old reads. Youstina is a few hundred away from 5,000 followers, so go ahead and support her to reach that milestone!

Flay lay of books by @bookishsoull_ on Instagram

5. @uncoolgirlreads

Despite the self-proclamation of being uncool, Natalia is, in fact, very cool. Based in New Zealand, she provides stellar recommendations and names her favorite books regularly. She reviews the books she reads in detail and will definitely let you know if you should read them or not. We also appreciate her aesthetic shelf updates; don’t we all love a good stack of books?

6. @literarianist

Looking for some classics to refine your book taste? @literarianist is the guy for you! More than just an aesthetically pleasing page that will satisfy your needs for a good-looking feed, @literarianist gives out some of the best recommendations for classics to add to your list. This account will surely compel you to want to read some older literature.

7. @booksaresick

With nearly 2 million likes on TikTok, the @booksaresick Instagram is run by Nick, who posts book reviews regularly. Nick posts reviews that dive into books of many different genres that are sure to diversify your bookshelf. His reviews go into detail on basic plots and his overall thoughts on each.

8. @celebbookrecs

Want to know what Margot Robbie, Hozier, or Harry Styles is reading? This account is perfect if you want to know what books your favorite celebrity loves! Your new favorite source for an abundance of recommendations is @celebbookrecs. They cover countless celebrities and their favorite reads, which will definitely influence you to pick up some new books.

9. @ellereadsomebooks

Elle is your girl if you want endless book recommendations based on different moods, albums, and genres. She posts flat lays of all the books you could ever dream of, so take your pick of the bunch! Featured recently are recommendations based on the Taylor Swift albums, Folklore and 1989. With such a diverse taste in books, it’s no wonder she’s so popular in the bookish community.

10. @moonsrarebooks.official

This account is the most unique one out of all those listed so far. It is not only great if you want book recommendations, but you get some bookish history, too! @moonsrarebooks.official has an extensive collection of some of the oldest and rarest books we’ve seen, and he knows all about their histories. With such an abundant knowledge of all things bookish, it seems this account has every book ever to exist.

Now that we’ve provided an extensive list of some of the best bookish accounts go ahead and show these creators some love! Us bookworms are a part of such a supportive community with quality taste in books. We definitely appreciate having this community of people who adore books as much as we do.

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