10 Book Podcasts That Book Lovers Need to Listen to!

Books are celebrated across all forms of media, from YouTube videos, community forums, Facebook groups, on the radio and TV, and, of course, on podcasts. Podcasts allow you to listen to people who also love books and even listen to people share their own, original work online without the need to go through the craziness of publishing. Here are ten original and unique podcasts that any book lover will find a joy to listen to!


10. ‘By the book’

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By the Book is a fun podcast hosted two women, Kristen and Jolenta. Each episode they pick a different self-help book and for two weeks, attempt to live by the book’s rules to see if it truly improves their lives. They encourage listeners who tune in to try the challenge for themselves and once the period is over, they revisit the book and discuss its merits or shortcomings, judging by how it worked out for them.


9. ‘Binge Mode’


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Binging a book? Whoever heard of that? Well, the guys at Binge Mode did and they have made a highly successful, entertaining podcast out of it. Starting out covering Game of Thrones, they’ve since done a follow-up covering Harry Potter! In each episode, they go through each book, chapter by chapter, analyzing the contents line by line in huge amounts of detail. They also cover the movies and have various extras about the Potter universe. Plus, they’re hilarious and rib on the books they cover with love.


8. ‘33% pulp’


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33% Pulp is a podcast focused on, you guessed it, pulp novels! Featuring classic tales involving mad scientists, monsters, sword and sorcery, and lots of awkward descriptions of sex, hosts Amber, Linzi, and Daniel are assigned one third of the novel to read each week. From there, they recap their portion of the plot to the others and the three attempt to piece together the plot from the different segments. Needless to say, hijinks ensue.


7. ‘The worst bestsellers’

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The Worst Bestsellers is hosted by Kait and Renata, who read trashy bestsellers so you don’t have to! The hosts (plus a guest) spend each episode discussing popular books and discussing how these terrible books became popular. Covering popular works to slightly more obscure material, they joke about the books they cover for fun, without judging anyone for liking the material being covered.


6. ‘Levar Burton Reads’ 


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LeVar Burton Reads is exactly what it says on the tin and then some. Hosted by LeVar Burton, the actor famous for Star Trek: The Next Generation in which he played Geordi La Forge, chief of engineering. In this podcast, Burton reads books to you in his soothing tone of voice. Most episodes are under an hour, making them ideal for listening on the train, bus, or car. Maybe you’ll need Burton to help you sleep or just relax after a long day.


5. ‘The Poetry Gods’


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The Poetry Gods is a lively discussion about poetry hosted by three poets Aziza, Jose, and Jon, who interview different poets about their work and lives. Even if you’re not a poetry fan, this podcast is great stuff, being energetic, fun, and spirited for listening. You’ll learn much here, coming for the party and staying for the lecture.


4. ‘Drunk Booksellers’


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Drunk Booksellers is the ideal podcast to listen to while having a glass of wine or some other alcoholic beverage. In this podcast, hosts Emma and Kim interview various American authors, learning about their craft while also covering topics such as their favorite books and the craft of writing/reading. Naturally, they also get a little tipsy while doing so, sipping down some literary themed drinks to add to the fun.


3. ‘Black Chick lit’


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Black Chick Lit is a podcast that revolves around books written for and by black women. The podcast has a casual, conversational tone, showcasing the historical nature of each book while providing fun and laughs. Naturally, the hosts Dani and Molli have a ton of fun bouncing off one another, while bringing wine for each episode.


2. ‘Backlisted’


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Backlisted aims to re-examine classic books and show how they became ‘classics’ in the first place. Hosted by presenters John Mitchinson and Andy Miller, they get into lively discussions with guests in order to convince their listeners to give Charles Dickens and Jilly Cooper another chance while arguing about why exactly these novels have stood the test of time.


1. ‘Damian Barr’s Literary Salon’


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Literary Salon   is a popular podcast in which  world class writers join the host, Damian Barr, and  read from their biggest, boldest, and most popular works in a variety of locations before a live audience. The fun comes from hearing the audience reactions as the author reads. Numerous popular guests have been featured, including Bret Easton Ellis, Jojo Moyes, John Waters, Helen Fielding, Diana Athill and Louis de Bernières.



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