10 Attractive Piercings To Make Your Character Designs Fresh

Whether you want to level up your characters design, or you just like the look, these piercings are always a win. Check out these suggestions!

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Whether you’re designing a character for a novel, a comic, your favorite tabletop RPG, or to add to your ever-growing collection, deciding on their appearance can be difficult. Sure, there are lots of different ways to make the characters unique. You could give them an interesting haircut or freckles or make them notably tall or short. Maybe they prefer to wear a specific color, or they gravitate toward certain patterns. While these are all extremely valid options to consider, I would like to bring piercings to the table. Like in Stupid Cupid and Love on the Brain, you, too, can add a little flair to your characters with these unique and adaptable accessories.

Belly Button Piercing


If you want to avoid the edgier looks, a belly button piercing is the way to go. While it might seem like a bit of a strange location, these piercings have been consistently popular. Because of its location, it’ll only be noticed if the character wants it to be noticed. Maybe they show it off constantly with a bare midriff, or it might take the other characters a bit to catch on. Your character might even be purposefully hiding it from their strict parents or judgy friends.



Not only are stretched ears a commitment, but it’s a sign of patience and dedication. Or maybe impatience, if your character’s dealing with the painful consequences of rushing the process. Not only is this look bold, but it’s also commonly criticized by people who dislike less normalized piercings. This could make it a suitable pick for showcasing a strong, self-confident, or relaxed personality. On the other hand, maybe your character wants gauges but is afraid of judgment from people around them. Whether your character’s just stretching them a few millimeters or they’ve got a hole large enough to fit a baseball, there’s no doubt that it adds a lot of personality.

Tragus Piercing


You know that little flap that sits over your ear canal? Yeah, you can pierce that. A tragus piercing is a beautiful way to round out a look. Whether it’s paired with other ear piercings or stands on its own, it’s a suitable pick for just about anyone. In terms of character inspiration, it might be a good pick for someone who wants more than the standard lobe piercing but doesn’t want to veer into territory that could consider them “unprofessional” at work.

Eyebrow Piercing


Eyebrow piercings are loud; there are no two ways about it. Of course, that might be just what you’re looking for. Not only can this piece draw attention to the upper part of a character’s face, but it’s an attractive and expressive accent. Obviously, any kind of person can receive this piercing, but I’ve always felt this look is great for self-confident or even cocky characters.

Nostril piercing


I’m not the biggest fan of this nose piercing. Don’t get me wrong; I had a side cut for years; I love an asymmetrical moment. But I think it’s just a little too close to the middle of the face, it doesn’t feel intentional enough. That said, there’s a reason I’m suggesting this over a septum piercing. While this could just be my own experience, nostril piercings are one of the few facial piercings that don’t come off as particularly edgy or out there. A little diamond stud isn’t uncommon for people in the more popular crowds. Therefore, this makes it a good pick if you’re looking to add a little extra sparkle to a more mainstream personality.

Industrial Piercing


After my least favorite comes my beloved favorite — industrial piercings. What makes this piercing unique in my mind is the flexibility that comes with being able to see most of the bar. You could go with something standard, but you could also make this piercing thematic. An arrow, a dagger, a snake, there are so many different ways to highlight your character’s interests. It’s also a great way to introduce an alternate look for a character that might not want or be allowed to get facial piercings.

Medusa Piercing


Personally, I find this piercing gives a character a more mature look. It’s a lovely way to accentuate bold lipstick, and it pairs well alongside a septum piercing. People tend to have a lot of reservations about lip piercings — because the lip area is sensitive, they tend to be a bit on the painful side. But it’s a great way to add some glam to your character aesthetic without sacrificing symmetry

Midline Tongue Piercing


Sticking out your tongue to show off might not be conventional, but it’s most certainly iconic. Tongue piercings are possibly the most shocking on this list, which is exactly why they make great character material. Imagine the comedy relief opening their mouth to reveal a metal spider. Your character could swap their stud to match the occasion: a rose for Valentine’s, a skull for Halloween, and the list goes on. While a more stoic personality certainly could still own this look, I think it screams fun and daring.

Bridge Piercing


If none of these other options are striking your fancy, try fitting your character with a bridge piercing. It’s a unique piece that brings attention to your character’s face without having to go in the mouth or nose. At least, from what I’ve seen, this isn’t a common piercing to find on its own. Your mod-happy character would probably pick this one as their second or third major piercing, or if this is their first, they probably have a particular liking for it.

Lobe Piercing(s)


Finally, we’re ending on the classic lobe piercing. Considering it’s not uncommon for people to pierce the ears of toddlers and young children, there isn’t any significant reason to worry about professionalism or judgment — unless your character has multiple. One piercing might be fine, but two become “gaudy” for some social settings, let alone three or more. Since more people have pierced ears than not, it might be a good idea to consider giving lobe piercings to multiple characters. And even better, they pair great with just about any other piercing. The more, the merrier, right?

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