10 Alternative Book Titles

In a world of literature, there are many great classics. We’ve loved these books for years and that means, they’re game for jokes. First, we described books in one sentence and now we’ve come up with alternative titles that could replace the ones we know. If these classics had another title, here’s what they’d be:


1) Romeo & Juliet 

Alternative Title: Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight 


2) The Great Gatsby


Alternative Title: Where Does All This Money Come From? 


3) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


Alternative Title: Boy Wizard Meets Two-Faced Man 


4) Of Mice and Men


Alternative Title: Maybe Don’t Grab That…


5) Lord of the Flies 


Alternative Title: Boys Gone Wild 


6) Pride and Prejudice 


Alternative Title: Just Kiss Already 


7) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Alternative Title: Say No to Drugs 


8) Lord of the Rings 


Alternative Title: Swords! Clash, Cling, Clash


9) The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Alternative Title: Why is There a Dog?


10) Moby-Dick


Alternative Title: Old Timey ‘Deadliest Catch’