1 Million Copies of ‘Midnight Sun’ Sold in the First Week!

The Twilight fandom was ecstatic when the release of Midnight Sun was announced. It’s been fifteen years since Twilight was first released, and fans have been waiting that long to hear what Edward thought of his first encounter with Bella. In its first week on shelves, the book sold over a million copies! Twilight fans don’t mess around. The first four books sold over 160 million copies worldwide.


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The book was supposed to be released 12 years ago, but some initial chapters were leaked online and Meyers scrapped the book. Of course, 12 years have passed, and now the book is out in the world and Twilight lovers all over the globe are happy. As a former Twilight fan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read it. The book not only lets you see Edward’s point of view but it brings you back to a time when there wasn’t a pandemic and you were teen who couldn’t get enough of vampires and werewolves. The only arguments back then were about whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob. Now the world is upside down, all around, and this book is the light people needed this year.
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So, it’s not surprising that a million copies were sold in the first week. I got the book the day after it was released and I was thrilled to hold a new Twilight book in my hand, even despite the fact that I outgrew the series many years ago. It still holds a special place in my heart and that of millions all over the world.
Thank you Stephanie Meyer for bringing us back to 2005.
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