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After-School Program Teaches Literacy Through Comic Books

Saving the world by reading!

The 12Comics Learning Enrichment Program (LEP) is a unique interdisciplinary Literacy and Entrepreneurial Enrichment (ILEE) service for children, youth and adults—the after-school program is held in Broad Street in Newark, New Jersey.


12Comics Students

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The LEP and ILEE use an exciting program with a creative approach to encourage students to learn entrepreneurship, technology, art, literacy, and math through custom superheroes, comic books, and trading card games. These methods are also employed to improved the development of their vocabulary, leadership, and oral communications/public speaking skills.



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Students will learn the importance of anti-bullying, community service, and creative expression while understanding the value of respect and contributions to help others, including student inclusion.


12Comics Comic

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Special education classes are available for students, seniors, and troubled youth in exercise to strengthen critical thinking and problem solving, projects that reflect on non-verbal communication skills, as well as project-based arts learning opportunities.


12Comics Mark Hair

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Mark Hair (right) is the CEO, Founder, and Executive Director of 12Comics and an avid comic book fan for forty years.


12Comics student signing his book

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The program has been featured in News 12 New Jersey.


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