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5 Book-Inspired Dates for You and Your Literary Lover

These are pretty adorable, I must say
Ah yes, nothing is quite as lovely and dreamy as a first date that you’ve been looking forward to all week. Those butterflies, knowing smiles, and subtle touches can get pretty dreamy. However, if you’re a bookworm or on the more creative side, sometimes dinner and a movie just doesn’t cut it.


You want to get to know your date, but you always want to impress them and show them a little bit about you and how fun you can really be. Well, we’re here to help when it comes to the dream literary date. Everyone wants to feel like they’re in a book, how magical is that? Here are five literary-themed dates to absolutely fall for.


1. Go to a book reading at your local library


Book reading

 Image Via Green Apple Books

This is actually a perfect for a first date or any date really. It could act as the foundation of getting to know one another (things you have in common) or something fun to do when you’ve done it all and need a good idea (getting creative)! Sneak some hand holding in there during all the book’s best parts and make it a goal for you both to talk to the author!


2.  Try a Gatsby-inspired champagne picnic


Everyone loves how adorably awkward Gatsby was when he finally got Daisy to come see him (with the help of Nick of course). We don’t want you to be tripping over yourself though, so this is a bit more laid back than a tea party. Put together a bag of yummy picking goodies and throw in a bottle of bubbly because why not? Or homemade iced tea is lovely. Maybe you don’t have a Gold Coast mansion, but a beautiful park or botanical garden will do just fine.


3. A book-themed bar rendezvous!


Bottoms up people. This could also be a good first date idea, unless you tend to drown your nerves with alcohol, then maybe wait. But crowded bars are my favorite with their fantastic atmosphere, so literary-themed is a bonus. Have a drink or two, order some food, and have a fun playful night discussing your favorite books, adaptations, and beyond. Check out a list of a few hot spots here!


4. Let sparks fly with a sweet A Walk to Remember date




One of my favorites from Nicholas Sparks and a great adaptation. Who the hell doesn’t want to straddle the state line and be in two places at once? In the book Landon and Jamie spend some time taking walks to their local malt shop since it took place in the ‘50s. However, in the ‘90s movie adaptation, it’s double the cuteness. Steal their idea and go to dinner at a place near the water, then spontaneously dance. You could even end up in two places at once or go stargazing! If you’re sentimental, let Jamie and Landon be your guide.


5. Stay in with a literary-inspired homemade meal followed by your favorite movie adaptation


If you don’t want to spend too much money or you’re tired of the typical date scenes, it’s time to brush up on your cooking skills. Turn your kitchen into something bitchin’ by whipping up a literary inspired meal for your date. Ask them what books they like then search away to get some ideas. Set the table up nice and make the theme clear; it’s more fun that way. Following your lovely meal, pop in your favorite movie adaptation (or theirs) and bask in the afterglow of a date well done. You’re welcome.


Feature Image Via Tunefind