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Book Art

15 Book Sculptures That Can Only Be Called Works Of Art

I think I can speak for most hardcore bibliophiles when I say that print books are a thing of beauty.  While ebooks may be more convenient to carry around, there's a reason why print books haven't gone out of style. Just look at all the bookstagrammers out there creating images to show off their favorite hardcovers. Still, some people take it a step further and turn books into real works of art.  Some people may think this is sacrilegious, but as you'll see below, books can be the perfect medium for creating truly captivating artwork.


1. Jodi Harvey's Don Quixote


Don Quixote

Image Via DeviantArt


2. Eolande Book Sculpture Headpiece, another work from Jodi Harvey, and this one's wearable!



Image Via DeviantArt


3. A piece by Guy Laramee, from his series Biblio



Image Via Guy Laramee


4. Erwan Soyer's Tiki Collage


Tiki Collage

Image Via Saatchi Art


5. This piece by Isobelle Ouzman from her series Altered Books


Altered Books

Image Via Isobelle Ouzman


6. This work by Mike Stilkey, which is part of a larger installation entitled When the Animals Rebel


When the Animals Rebel

Image Via Scribol


7. Little Red Riding Hood by Rachael Ashe, part of her fairytale-themed series of altered books


Red Riding Hood

Image Via Fiveprime


8. Anthologia by Jacqueline Rush Lee



Image Via Jacqueline Rush Lee


9. Wagnalls Wheel by Brian Dettmer



Image Via Brain Dettmer


10. Tea, Cake, and a Book, one of the ten anonymously donated Edinburgh Book Sculptures



Image Via Scottish Poetry Library


11. Monastery Garden by Paul Johnson


Monastery Garden

Image Via Center for Book Arts


12. Lost in a Good Book by Thomas Allen


Lost in a Good Book

Image Via Pinterest


13. Lower the Drawbridge by Emma Taylor


Lower the Drawbridge

Image Via Tumblr


14. Shakespeare by Long-Bin Chen



Image Via Long-Bin Chen


15. And finally, we have Matilda by Su Blackwell



Image Via Su Blackwell


Feature Image Via Annemarieke Kloosterhof